This instructable will show you how to make a simple tech deck grind rail with things just laying around the house!

Step 1: Materials

You will need...
1 A tech deck (obviously)
2 a coat hanger
3 pliers(optional)
4 tape
5 something that will cut the coat hanger (I used one of those tools made especially for fences)

Step 2: Cutting

The best way to cut your coat hanger is to cut just the bottom out so you have a straight line of it.

Step 3: Bending

This gets hard to explain... First bend your straight line of coat hanger into a squard off U shape. Then you want to bend the sides of the U forward, parallel to the ground. This will be waht you tape to the ground. The pictures will help a little.

Step 4: You're Done!!

That's it! One thing to make it look more authentic is to scrape off the outside white paint and make it look silver and metallic! Thanks for reading and please leave a comment!!!
Just use a big paper clip
THANKS !!! It works great ...good job tho.
use a hanger or a wire
Wax it.
thanks! works great!
very cool... do you think you could design a halfpipe out of home items plz?
I did the same thing :P but i used even better good ol' duct tape.
is it strong enough for my flick trix idont know but i love
yes easy and good
hi did u paint it silver or not
i just scraped the white off of the outside of the rail. There is no need to paint but it should work just as well.
very nice :)
heres the photos I spray panted it dark gray after I took this:
Wow... I don;t know if I would Ever have the time to do that... It's awesome though If you want to collaborate on my instructable I can let you, PM me
what does pm mean???
Private Message!!
there i fixed it so you can now collaborate!! just come to the instructable and edit it.
you go to my user page(click on my name) then click private message me. type in whatever and send it.
if you still want it portable mount it to a peace of wood it worked for me. p.s. ill post some photos soon.
it doesn't suck (jeff..... >:( haha) but it would do better on some cardboard and use superglue not tape. also more suport so it doesn't bend or something
I tried superglue, it didn't work... I want it to be portable. Also, if you could help me out with the support... I cant figure out what to use.
this SUCKS thats right i said that this SUCKS
Ok, so this is not the greatest instructables. Just stop giving me bad comments!!!

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