Recently I have been finding that I am doing things in Autodesk Inventor that would be easier for me to do in other tools or that I am recreating something that already exists. This is how to take something from an image file to Autodesk Inventor. Then you can send it to your desired CNC device. I am using the 3D Printer.

Step 1: Import Image to Corel Draw

First we will import the file into Corel Draw. I chose a simple 2 color file to get the best result

Choose the Bitmaps menu and then Resample the image and pump up the pixels. I changed it to 600 to get more accuracy out of my image after we transform it

I went back to the Bitmaps menu and changed the image to black and white to get nice solid lines

Click Trace Bitmap and then Quick Trace, now that we are converting the bitmap to vectors we need to Reduce bitmap

I chose line Art for conversion method because it gave the sharpest result

Now I can Export my image as a DXF to open in Autodesk Inventor

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