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If you liked the cat 5 belt (http://www.instructables.com/id/Cat5-belt/) you may like this instructable also. It is a way to use obsolete aka dead computers Here I will use a dead Amd processor to make a bolo.

Step 1: What's needed:

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What's needed:
1 dead Amd cpu.
1 piece of workable metal  (about 2x2 inches)
Cat 5 patch cable about 5 feet log.

Something t ocut the pins of the cpu. ( i used a sabre saw)
Metal cutter or nibbler.
Safety glasses.
tovey1 year ago
OK, now this is true nerdom.
Computothought (author)  tovey1 year ago
Yhanks for the comment.
Piranio4 years ago
I am going to make on of these.