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If you liked the cat 5 belt ( you may like this instructable also. It is a way to use obsolete aka dead computers Here I will use a dead Amd processor to make a bolo.
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Step 1: What's needed:

Picture of What's needed:
What's needed:
1 dead Amd cpu.
1 piece of workable metal  (about 2x2 inches)
Cat 5 patch cable about 5 feet log.

Something t ocut the pins of the cpu. ( i used a sabre saw)
Metal cutter or nibbler.
Safety glasses.

Step 2: What to do: part 1

Picture of What to do: part 1
With my original bolo, i used a cable with ends I did my self. Now we will use a pre-made Dollar store cable.
Put on safety glasses and use a saw to cut off the pins from the cpu. Be real careful or you could damage the chip. You want to get enough off so it will glue easily to the metal blank.

Step 3: What to do: Part 2.

Picture of What to do: Part 2.
Now you want to tak the metal squar and cut two tines about 1/4 inch or so wide to for tabs.
bend the m back a little bit so they do not get glued to the cpu.
now glue the square to the back of the cpu so that the tines are horizontal with the bottom of the cpu. Otherwise the face of the cpu will be on it's side.
Let dry.

Step 4: What to do: part 3.

Picture of What to do: part 3.
Now take the patch cable and sort off loop it in half.
take each end put it under a tine.
take the pliers and close the tines around the cable so it is secure but not to tight to let the cable slide without control.

Step 5: Done.

Picture of Done.
Now you have a crazy piece of geek wear and you will always have a good patch cable handy. .

Step 6: Coming soon.

Picture of Coming soon.
Coming soon: other geekwear. i.E. Cufflinks:
tovey1 year ago
OK, now this is true nerdom.
Computothought (author)  tovey1 year ago
Yhanks for the comment.
Piranio4 years ago
I am going to make on of these.