So your pitch slider feels like it's full of sand? Time to fix it. This instructable will demonstrate how to replace a worn out pitch slider on a Technics SL-1200/1210 turntable. It will also show how to adjust +6% pitch value if it has drifted or if the new slider has different properties than the original one. I've also added a new shading cloth as the one in my 1210 turned to dust when it was touched.

The most important thing is to remember to DISCONNECT THE TURNTABLE FROM MAINS POWER at all times before the platter is removed! This is both for your own safety and the fact that the motor can be damaged if it's accidentally turned on while the platter is removed.

I bought my new pitch slider from a shop on ebay.co.uk for around GBP 13 and the shading cloth was GBP 2.50 from the same place.

This will probably take an hour or so depending on how handy you are with the soldering iron and desoldering wick.

The information in this Instructable is information I've picked up from several different text based instructions on the net (Technics SL-1200Mk2/SL-1210Mk2 FAQ from hyperreal.org and several more I have not saved). I thought it would be a good idea to document it with pictures for you guys as I was replacing a slider anyhow.

Please note that you do this on your own risk. I've done all steps here several times without any problems. If you damage your turntable or get shocked or similar I am not responsible. If you don't think you are competent enough or your turntable is still under warranty, let a professional do this.

Step 1: Removing the Platter

Disconnect the turntable from mains power before doing anything further.

Remove your pickup from the tone arm to prevent any damage to it.

Remove the slipmat and you will uncover the platter which you will see two holes in. Place your thumbs in these holes, grabbing the platter from the underside with the tips of your thumbs. Push with the other fingers on the outside of the platter. The platter will move a bit upwards and then you will think it's stuck, pull some more with your thumbs and the platter will then snap loose. Place the platter in a safe place where it will not be damaged or fall to the floor.
<p>I followed your steps just to clean out my pitch slider and now it doesn't sound so crunchy. Since I had my 12000 disassembled, I went ahead and added some piercing blue LED's and stopped the &quot;zero click&quot; on the pitch to make it smoother when riding the pitch while mixing.</p><p>Cheers!</p>
Thnak you very much for your very good Instructables. Nevertheless, I've heard it's possible to buy a pitch directly with the pcb attached...
<p>If you apply that logic you could just buy a new turntable</p>
<p>perfect instructions, worked a treat. these decks were 4th or more hand and had been used at a lot of parties and had quite a bit of wear. Think coke or something similar had been spilled into the pitch as when I opened it up there was black sticky ooze all inside it. Much cheaper to do it this way than buy with the board attached. nice work!</p>
9 times out of 10 if you take the pitch control apart it just needs to be cleaned. If you can remove the pitch control from the board you can do this. Just bend the tabs up and remove the bottom of the pitch control. WARNING!!! If it clicks in the center position watch out for the little metal ball. Take it apart in a rag, you will never find it otherwise. then just clean the board and the brushes. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! This instructable is spot on with how to do it. GREAT JOB.
Thanks for your good comment, it's appreciated. :-) I actually tried to clean the old one and I also tried removing the center click, (but I didn't really like it, so I didn't do this on the new one). However I think this unit was quite old ( the guy who sold it to me said it had been used in his studio in the 80s and in storage since) as the copper lines on the PCB looked worn down. I also think someone had been tinkering with it before as the spring pushing the sliders down on the copper was mounted upside down compared to the new one I had.

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