Here are a series of guides that highlight some successes and a few failures while using the vinyl cutter at TechShop SF to make vinyl decals during summer 2013. I made it at Techshop http://techshop.ws
A review of how to adjust and determine best vinyl cutter settings for use with basic vinyl
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A review of how to make a series of 16 decals on a small sheet of 12"x12" vinyl - with tips for great results
2.5K 3
Here I demonstrate my success and some troubleshooting while making a series of 10 shirts with a "distressed look" using a vinyl silk screening process
4.6K 38
How to leverage your mistakes and understanding distressed vinyl decal production
3.0K 3
How to use the vinyl printer supplies to make a handcut stencil for silkscreen printing. (this could also be done on the vinyl cutter if you took an image of the handcut stencil.)
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An alternative approach to traditional vinyl decals as I demonstrate a hand cut vinyl decal and highlight steps for success
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A demonstration of how to use multiple vinyl decals to produce letter shadowing (with alternative pen "shadow" comparison)
Never mind the little things - a more rapid and strategic approach to vinyl decal making after 30 hours of experience on the vinyl cutter at Techshop SF by sflettering
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The experience at the Vinyl Printer taught me many things that I used while making this Vinyl Stencil in reverse for a Sillkscreen printing project.
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10 tips on how to get the best possible results when fine tuning the vinyl cutter settings to match design specifications
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