Tectonic, Knex Ball Machine





Introduction: Tectonic, Knex Ball Machine

This is my first (working) ball machine, and it took me about 2 weeks. I want to thank all of the people who came up with the great ideas for the elements. The videos not great, but you don't need to tell me, and this is my first instructable, so be nice!



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    Good job! I just started too, like literally.

    I wish I could make something like that.

    Good job, looks like you're kind of in the same boat as me just starting out.

    Nice first ball machine! check out my first ball machine!

    For your first instructable, this is pretty great! The ball machine you built is awesome. Next time you make a ball machine, build bigger!

    Uh, this probably only took about 750-1000 pieces to build. Plus, he said it only took him 2 weeks to build. Wrong Instructable?

    awesome this is SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is great! But I guess you don't have cats?! Mine would have it torn down and me sobbing in about ten minutes! Great work though!

    yo looks like u got a lot og green rods can i have a couple to make an m16?

    No, But on ebay you can probably get a bunch for cheap.