When we were kids my mom used to do crafts with us all the time. That is how Stay At Home Moms help pass the time and bond with their children. It also works great as a babysitting method. Give us some glue, glitter and paper and see what wonders we create! One year when things were really rough on us financially she brought down all her crafting boxes and had us make our gifts for that year. She taught us how to make tons of different ornaments too, from little dolls made from beads, to small gift boxes folded from old Christmas cards. My favorite was the teddy bear. Made from pipe cleaners and wooden beads this ornament was simple and fun to make.  I’ve recreated the same steps my mom taught us here for you to try.

1. Pipe Cleaners (in teddy bear colors)
2. Wooden Beads (of various sizes)
3. Ribbon
4. Scissors
5. Sharpie
6. Glue* (optional for keeping arms, tail, and ribbon secure)

Step 1:

Step One:
Select two beads of similar size and coloring from your stack and pull out two of the same colored pipe cleaners. Note: I’ve found that the mid-sized wooden beads work best. The small ones are harder for little hands to do but they can still be used if you wish to make one. The really large ones need glue otherwise the holes in the center are too big to hold in the arms and tail by friction and pressure alone.
I love how you used beads for his body! DIY crafts for the holidays are so much fun.
Thanks! And yes they are!
That is really cute, and looks like a really fun project for kids :)
Thanks! Yeah, lots of fun for kids. I first did this project as a kid and still love it now.

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