When there is an active little 2 year old girl in your life and it is winter in Canada one thing is certain... Mittens will get lost (or soaked) and little hands will get cold. But little girls tend to never lose their teddy bear so I thought why not use a soft and fluffy Teddy Bear as a stroller companion and hand muff!

Now as this will be a Christmas present I do not have pictures of the little girl using the Bear Muff but I think it is self explanatory how it will be used.

PS. All procedures as required by the International Teddy Bear Council were used during the surgery and no bears were harmed during the procedure. If you are upset by pictures of Teddy Bear surgery please do not read any further.

Step 1: Find the Perfect Bear...

The perfect bear for this project will be soft, fluffy and love hugs from little girls. I found this little bear looking for a home at a sale bin for 50% off the original $20 price! He was super soft and very cute plus he came dressed for winter and had extra material that I could use in the project.

Like any surgery the first thing to do is to undress the bear.
Totally adorable! I'd use it if I had it :D
This is incredibly cute...

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