With this pattern and tutorial you can make teddy bears our of pretty much any kind of fabric. For mine I used fleece because i wanted it to be very soft but you can use the normal animal fur fabric if you want.

The pattern I made comes with letters that indicate how to assemble but just in case I also added steps and tips.


  • 1 yard of fabric for the body ( I used cream color  fleece) 
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for the color details ( I used light brown)
  • 1 set of animal eyes 18mm
  • small piece of felt for the nose
  • Stuff material ( I used polyester filling )
  • Sewing machine
  • Pattern
Hope you enjoy and make your own teddy bear =)

Step 1: Template

The fist this is to download the pattern, print it and cut each piece.

Then you need to trace all of your pieces on the fabric.

For all of those that say you need 2, 1 reverse; after tracing the front, turn the pattern and trace the second piece.

<p>I don't have a sewing machine, but can i hand stich it?</p>
I've gotten everything no problems until the legs and feet. I just can't figure out how they go together since they are all Q and R. Making this from my babies hospital blanket please help. Thanks :).
<p>What I do is sew the leg top (feet) onto the leg tops, then sew the leg top onto the leg bottom and lead the last few stitches into the leg top (feet). after that I pin the parts of the feet marked &quot;Q&quot; and R&quot; to the corners where the other three pieces meet and sew the feet around. Do not turn them right side out until they are attacked to the body.</p>
<p>can you add plastic beads to have that weighted feel for your bear?</p>
<p>you can use anything :)</p>
Some instructions messed me up but found pretty easy to make. I suggest not to use stretchy material my bear has pretty chunky legs lol. Made from my sons baby clothes which is hard cause they are small and trying to fit pattern on. Have no access to copier to reduce. Had to make camo bear for my son Cameron. ?
<p>first time ever making a bear. Found the instructions and pictures were a bit confusing so I kind of did my own thing and referred back to the written instructions when I got stuck. I love these bears and everyone I made a bear for loved them. Was wondering if there was a way to make a smaller version of this bear? </p>
<p>i asked my mam if she could make my friend a bear, she likes stars, i bought the stuff and she made him, he is about 15 inches high for people asking about size</p>
Its so beautiful
Its not nice without a mouth should i put it in the bin?
<p>just make a mouth with wool :)</p>
<p>It took me an entire weekend but I managed to finish this adorable teddy bear. I sized the pattern down to half size which made the teddy bear about 8 inches. I also embroidered the eyes, nose, and feet pattern to make it baby safe. This is my first stuffed animal. I made it to match the baby blanket that I made for my daughter who is due in December. Hopefully she will love and cherish it for years to come. It is made from minky fabric and fleece. Thank you for offering this wonderful pattern.</p>
<p>so about how big does this bear end up being? :)</p>
The size of a computer screen
Its not nice without a mouth should i put it in the bin?
Quite pleased for my first attempt, easy to follow instructions thank you ?
So cute and beautiful thrn mine
Heres a picture of it wearing a har which i sew it
I made my bear out of my sisters jumper and im only 11 and my bear is so adoable and soft but the mouth went inside the teddy bear
<p>Looks like your bear needs a denser kind of stuffing.</p><p>You can find other great handmade teddy bears here </p><p><a href="http://www.teddyandbears.com/shop/" rel="nofollow">http://www.teddyandbears.com/shop/</a></p>
<p>I cannot figure out how to attach the back of the legs. I marked all pieces with the appropriate letters but for some reason it's not matching up. Can someone show me that back of the bear and hopefully I can figure it out visually? The mouth is also giving me some challenge but I love the look of this bear and really want to make some for my nieces. </p>
<p>From my experience I found the instructions on the site were only somewhat helpful. Was confused a lot while making this. I had never sewn a bear or animal so I thought maybe it was due to that, but I think there could have been a few more steps and pictures to help make it a bit easier. The one part I was confused a lot was the sewing of the whole front and back together. They should have mentioned there will be lots of stretching of one side to fit to the other (I think that is so the bear will sit nice in the end without the arms flopping down too). As I had originally thought that the pieces were cut out wrong or something, until it was all finished and I saw the result (also thought why it was done that way). Also when they tell you to sew the front legs the right way, definitely pay attention on this step lol, otherwise you will end up with your feet turning the wrong way once sewn. I ended up making 25...yes 25 of them as memory bear gifts made from my Oma's clothing for the family members. Everyone loved them! So I am very thankful this pattern was available for my use to do that. =) </p>
<p>Is there a pattern piece for holding the stuffing in the nose or did you make that yourself?</p>
<p>There isn't a piece for holding the stuffing in the nose. Once you stuff the head of the bear, the stuffing goes into place where the nose sticks out a bit and is just held in place with all the surrounding stuffing in the head. At least in my experience anyways.</p>
<p>Im confused by the forehead peice as there is no forehead template, can someone help please? is the forehead peice actually called something else?</p>
<p>The forehead piece that is in the middle is the &quot;front head&quot; pattern piece on page 5 when printing the pattern out. It gets attached with the &quot;side head&quot; pieces with the ears in there. </p>
<p>Hi I have cut out all the pieces have managed to tack the head together and that seems ok. But having trouble with the legs and feet. On the pattern it say's cut 2 (1 reverse) does this mean cut 2 from pattern and 2 reverse bit confused about this any help would be grateful. Need to get this done by next week as my Grandson is due to be born then. Thanks</p>
<p>Cut 2 (1 reverse) would mean that you will cut 2 of the pattern pieces from the fabric but one will be the opposite way. So you can either fold the fabric together so the good side of the fabric is facing each other or the good sides are facing outwards. Then cut the pattern pieces from both fabrics together at the same time. OR you can cut one piece at a time. So if you cut one piece with the good side of the fabric facing up, make sure then next piece you cut the good side of the fabric is facing down. </p>
<p>I'm having trouble too!!! HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!</p>
<p>I made using a bridesmaid dress and accessories as a gift for the bride.</p><p>https://craftyweddingdress.wordpress.com/</p>
<p>I struggled with the instructions a bit and I think that I will write out my own for my next one. I sewed the whole bear by hand...just for fun:) I think he turned out pretty cute. He's for my grandson! (I made the whole bear one color/pattern so it would be easier. Thought I'd play it safe to start!)</p>
Thank you for this guide! The pictures were really helpful although I was a bit lost when doing the mouth and arm pieces. I have never sewn anything in my entire life, so starting out this project I was pretty inexperienced. I don't own a sewing machine either, so my bear is hand sewn. But I had so much fun doing it! Also, I couldn't find any glass eyes so I improvised!
That's a cute bear
What a cute little bear!
I love the color and fabric patterns you used, very cute and original! What I really like is how you improvised the eyes, that is really adorable. <br> <br>If you have a craft store like michael's or joann's I know they sell whats called animal eyes and noses in the doll making section. They are the ones with the Washers for a backing. Thats what I have used for my bears.
I am having a trouble with connecting the bottom legs to the back HELP!!!!
Hi! I would like to know how many centimeter is the finish bear :) thanks
Hi! I love this bear and pattern, but I did have a bit of trouble with the instructions. I wrote my own instructions (for myself) and was wondering if I could have your permission to share them on this site with pictures to help others. I would, of course, give all credit for the design and pattern to you.
<p>I would love to see photo and instructions too, having trouble with the arms </p>
<p>I would love to see your instructions. I'm having trouble with this pattern. Could I see your instructions please?</p>
<p>como pego la cabeza al cuerpo si la costura es por dentro?<br>:S</p>
<p>The first one ended up pretty <strong>good</strong>, my daughter and I love him. Then, I tried a smaller one, it was much more <strong>difficult</strong>, especially attaching the head to the body, but I'm also <strong>satisfied </strong>with the result. For the next time I will get <em>bigger eyes</em>.</p>
<p>This seems so hard!I have got all the pieces but cant quite get it!Still going to try though because the teddy bear looks so awesome! </p>
<p> hi Charlene, I have been totally dumbfounded with the instructions for the feet how on earth did you do it? </p>
<p>I make bears but I call them Forever Teddy Bears </p><p><a href="https://www.facebook.com/ForeverTeddyBears?ref=bookmarks" rel="nofollow">https://www.facebook.com/ForeverTeddyBears?ref=boo...</a></p><p>I put a picture and poem on my bears that I make and my pattern looks so much easier than this one.</p>
<p>This bear wasn't easy and I'm a second year Fashion Design student. I sewed the front of the head to the back upside down and then I messed up the feet but eventually managed to fix everything. The instructions are not very good and the feet pieces don't match up so you have to cut the excess off. Here is the end result anyway:</p>
Love it!!! just one thing remember that it is ritten MOUTH not moth!!
<p>Yes, and ritten is written written not ritten!</p>
<p>How big is the finished bear? </p>

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