With this pattern and tutorial you can make teddy bears our of pretty much any kind of fabric. For mine I used fleece because i wanted it to be very soft but you can use the normal animal fur fabric if you want.

The pattern I made comes with letters that indicate how to assemble but just in case I also added steps and tips.


  • 1 yard of fabric for the body ( I used cream color  fleece) 
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for the color details ( I used light brown)
  • 1 set of animal eyes 18mm
  • small piece of felt for the nose
  • Stuff material ( I used polyester filling )
  • Sewing machine
  • Pattern
Hope you enjoy and make your own teddy bear =)

Step 1: Template

The fist this is to download the pattern, print it and cut each piece.

Then you need to trace all of your pieces on the fabric.

For all of those that say you need 2, 1 reverse; after tracing the front, turn the pattern and trace the second piece.

<p>@YvetteR8 or @anfletcher87 How did you get the pieces to fit together right? Can you email me how? missdallas8883@gmail.com</p><p>I'd greatly appreciate it! I haven't made one in so long and am hoping to do them as gifts for my nieces and nephews. Thank you! </p>
Thank you <br> It was fun .
<p>I have the pattern, would you have instructions on how to fit all the pieces together. Each piece has letters to match up, which don't match so I am looking for step by step instructions. If you could help me out, that would be wonderful. Please e-mail to <a href="mailto:rdrusnak@telus.net" rel="nofollow">rdrusnak@telus.net</a></p><p>Thank you</p>
Please have all pieces cut out but need steo by step directions on putting it together. Need to habe done by sunday if possible. Thanl you so much. Donna<br>willow978@comcast.net
<p>I can email the pattern for whoever needs it.. for some reason the blog is down</p>
<p>I would love the pattern and instructions! You are wonderful! Thank you! silverylight1@hotmail.com</p>
<p>No tutorial at the site you listed. Just alot of pictures of really cute bears done by very talented people and a link to a etsy site. :-)</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Please can you email the pattern, i would love to make the bear up <br>alley-katz@gmx.com<br>Thank you
<p>please send me the pattern. I've got fur from my Grandma and I think it would be special to use it to make stuffed bears for my great nieces and nephew for Christmas. Thank You! vdickins54@gmail.com</p>
<p>I would really appreciate that, thank you and God Bless,</p><p> Michelelawing@hotmail.com</p>
I'd love the pattern please... jamieingram85@gmail.com<br>Thanks &hearts;
Slhayes79@gmail.com <br>could you please send one!
<p>Could you please email the pattern to me as well? susieque0319@yahoo.com</p>
<p>Could you please email me the pattern? Thanks. cmkolar@hotmail.com</p>
<p>Sorry- and instructions if they come separately. Thanks. cmkolar@hotmail.com</p>
<p>yes I would like the pattern for the teddy bear jb0023@cox.net</p><p>Thanks</p>
Sent :)
<p>could u please email the pattern....hennebury73@hotmail.com thanks.</p>
<p>Please email to me as well gottasmilemore &quot;at&quot; yahoo. com. Thanks!!</p>
<p>could you email to me, i REALLY need for a project im doing for school :)? untoxin2013@gmail.com</p>
<p>I'd love to have a pattern too. glouise4605@yahoo.com Thank you for your trouble.</p>
<p>can u please email me the pattern to becca.chavez88@gmail.com.. thank u in advance</p>
<p>can u please email to becca.chavez88@gmail.com</p>
<p>Please email the pattern to kegler8@telus.net I am hoping to use the pattern to make a bear out of my grandson's favorite sleeper. Thank you so much. </p>
If you're using a sleeper I would print the pattern at 50% because the pieces are pretty big
Mishemell143@msn.com<br>Please email the pattern for this bear, I have looked everywhere &amp; can't even find a pattern to buy &amp; download online. I want to make a few of these for family members.
For you, I would print it out at 50% instead of 100% because the pieces are pretty big :)
Whoops wrong thread
Can u plz email it to me rayray0687@hotmail.com
<p>Please emal pattern to <a href="mailto:nancy_haley2000@yahoo.com" rel="nofollow">nancy_haley2000@yahoo.com</a> </p>
<p>Could you please email me the pattern chickenlittle88@hotmail.com</p>
<p>can I please get the pattern and instructions emailed to me? At lisakevinnicole@aol.com.... Thank you so very much.</p>
Can I please have the pattern emailed too? Kateordway28@gmail.com Thanks so much!!!
<p>Can you please email the pattern and instructions to slabednick@tampabay.rr.com. Thank you</p>
<p>I would appreciate the pattern. Please e-mail to rahav1988@gmail.com. Thank you!</p>
<p>I would love to have this pattern!! Thanks! </p><p>kim@crabapples.net</p>
<p>Tough challenge for my first toy sewing project. It took me two days and lots of cussing, but I finished it! I didn't realize what a big bear it was until I finished. I took this pick in the baby swing to give it perspective...it's bigger than a newborn. Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
<p>Hello I do not understand how the behind legs are made ... there is no bosses to cel ... I've already cut the pajamas my son and I have more tissues, pajamas me stood (and still stand) to heart and I am deeply disappointed, I do not have enough tissue ....</p>
<p>Hi...I would love to try to make this bear for my goddaughter, who recently was married. I have had one of her onesies since she was an infant and if I'm successful, I will give it to her as a baby gift in the future. Thank you so much, my email address is xxfiveangelsxx@ aol. com.</p>
<p>please could you email the teddy bear pattern please,Thankyou.christinenewman@hotmail.co.uk</p>
<p>please could you email the teddy bear pattern please,Thankyou.christinenewman@hotmail.co.uk</p>
<p>From my experience I found the instructions on the site were only somewhat helpful. Was confused a lot while making this. I had never sewn a bear or animal so I thought maybe it was due to that, but I think there could have been a few more steps and pictures to help make it a bit easier. The one part I was confused a lot was the sewing of the whole front and back together. They should have mentioned there will be lots of stretching of one side to fit to the other (I think that is so the bear will sit nice in the end without the arms flopping down too). As I had originally thought that the pieces were cut out wrong or something, until it was all finished and I saw the result (also thought why it was done that way). Also when they tell you to sew the front legs the right way, definitely pay attention on this step lol, otherwise you will end up with your feet turning the wrong way once sewn. I ended up making 25...yes 25 of them as memory bear gifts made from my Oma's clothing for the family members. Everyone loved them! So I am very thankful this pattern was available for my use to do that. =) </p>
<p>Oh!! GOOD JOB!! I LOVE THEM!! :)</p>
<p>what a great idea to use her clothes. They look beautiful!</p>
<p>Kaika did you downsize the pattern....I just have tiny sleepers to work with...can u email the instructions. I can get them to download..thanks </p>
<p>I didn't downsize the pattern as I used adult clothing to make them, but another bear I did with a different pattern I had downsized so that is an option. Just resize it before printing. Did you go to the site to get the pattern? I didn't get the pattern from this site. </p>
Could you email me the pattern please. bevjmail@gmail.com <br>Thank you

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