Teddy Bears Can Walk?

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Introduction: Teddy Bears Can Walk?

Ok, this might seem stupid, but I had a dream that teddies could walk. Maybe its a message from the future. I don't know. To be honest, this is the only thing that was making me pursue my dream.....for my teddy to walk. After a year of planning (it felt like it), I did it! I CONSTRUCTED MY DREAMS!!!!
......And please vote in the Make It Move contest!!!!! :-)

Step 1: Front, Back and Side

Its not as stable as I'd liked, but it stands up. I had to put some wool round the teddy so the motor stayed still. There is a sphere shaped tube where the feet are, so the legs could move. So it does work, I need to hold it up. It's not hidden at the front but its still enough.

Step 2: Walking!

With a bit of help, the little buddy can stand!! Woop woop!! Remember to FAVORITE this if you loved it and FOLLOW me for updates and more Ibles!!



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Okay, pleeease let me know how you made this..
Either inbox me or send me an email, it's lauz89@live.co.uk
I'm desperate to know how you did this, i can see you used kinects? ..maybe? but please email me to let me know.. thanks :)

should I make a How To Ible on this???

I like that your inspiration came from a dream and you just made it physically!

thanks euroelephant !!!

Yeh! Thanks mate. XD

Not a normal use of Kne'x! XD

Hehe!! It's pretty basic! lol