Let your teddy safely do a parachute jump! Inspired on the fantastic idea of "parafauna", we made an apparatus to transport teddies, attached to a parachute, to an altitude of about 7 meters. Once up, the teddies are released and float to the ground, landing safely thanks to their parachute.

Why? Because we were asked to by Nynke Oele, for the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival in Groningen (more precisely, we were asked to make "something" so that kids could make their teddy do a parachute jump, based on some info on parafauna. Without using kites and without hurting the teddies (so the use of water rockets and torches was ruled out :-s).

Who is we? Allarrrd (remember the Shampoo Dino?) and JusT (has no presence on Instractables at all, unless he keeps that a secret) and me.

Nynke made the parachutes and rigs for the teddies, following this pattern (in dutch, but the images of the pattern are pretty clear I guess)

About the manual: I made the manual for the techies at the festival, since Allarrrd, JusT and me were all on vacation at the time of the festival. The manual is in dutch, but with a lot of photo's. It might be of help... If I find the time I'll translate it, also depending of the attention this I'ble will get.

Video 1: Elevating teddies and watching them coming down on a chute proved to be a great success. It even made it to the local TV station, who made a very instructable video about the apparatus:

Video not playing? Have a look at it here.

Video 2: "The making of". We had a great time trying and finding out the do's and don'ts for this teddy elevator parachute facilitator:
Video not showing? Have a look at it here.

Disclaimer: No teddies were harmed during the making of this Instructable. If you have any questions about building such an apparatus, please leave a comment. I'll answer your questions as well as I'm capable of. Thanks for reading and watching!
<p>I offered this project today to my 13 and 15 year old daughters; climb up the roof, mount a pulley there. They looked at me and said I had now really lost my mind. Which probably means they want to do it ;-)</p>
one of my future instructable for my sibling :D
I love it!
Thanks :-)

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