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One of my favorite movies growing up was Teen Wolf (1985), with Michael J. Fox, so I decided to dress up as him as Scott Howard.  I chose the basketball scenes in the movie t. 
I found a yellow jersey, a brown turtleneck and some brown hair braid "extensions" or "wig" that I used to create the bulk of the costume all at the thrift store.
I bought a werewolf wig, caveman wig and beard, fangs, pointy ears, spirit gum and costume make up to complete the head and face.
I found a yellow basketball jersey and ironed on the numbers 42 on the front and the back of the jersey.  I took the brown turtleneck and cut strips of hair and began to attach it to the shirt with fabric glue along the arms and chest so that it would hang down.
I used a werewolf wig and the beard from the caveman set to get the Teenwolf look by gluing the sideburns from the wig to my face, cutting off the mustache of the beard and applying dark face make up. I then attached the ears, headband, wristbands and wore basketball warm up pants.


Alcoatari (author)2010-05-05

Also works for:

Osama Bin Laden point-guard costume!

Good job, and original.

2hot2hack (author)Alcoatari2011-05-07

osama bin laden as a wookie lol

bassclarinet23 (author)2009-11-24

I saw this movie on TV. It was pretty funny...I was very confused at first.

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