Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crochet Puppet Doll





Introduction: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crochet Puppet Doll

This is an 18 inch tall hand puppet/doll, all made from crochet. I used a G hook and Red Heart yarn. The pattern comes from Kathleen Early's website, Yarn Arts: http://www.kathleenearly.com/ click "Patterns" on the left frame, then "Puppets" in the middle.

I made him for my 7-year-old son, who's loved the Turtles for years. I realize that the mask/weapons don't match in the picture, but Leo's swords looked a little the worse for play so I used the nunchuks for the pictures instead. I still need to make more masks and finish the rest of the weapons so my son can interchange which turtle he wants to play with. Maybe someday I'll make all 4 turtles, but this guy took a loooong time so it might be a while!



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    This is great! it looks great and its seem prety simple :) im going to try it :) but now im just being a redickulus TMNT fan lol thats Leo and he is holding nunchucks....mickys wepon lol but regardless this is still awsome :) thanks


    Thank you for the nice comment! If you'll read the last paragraph in the description, I know that the weapons don't match...but when I took the picture the other weapon was a little destroyed, so that's why I used the ones I did.

    lol oh lol well that will teach me to stop skiming over things and just read it lol great how-to though :)

    This is sweet, I almost wish I knew how to crochet simply due to this.


    Thank you for the nice comment! Crocheting is very easy with a little practice. :)

    I've been so sick the last couple days that I'm really interested in learning. Good to know it's not too hard, for you at least :)


    I'm sorry you're sick. Your local library should have tons of crocheting books, and there are hundreds of websites on the internet with free lessons. Even YouTube has lots of crochet technique videos. Good luck and get well soon!

    Didn't read the instructable. Just saw it in the "Related" portion at the bottom of another instructable. All I'm going to say is I thought it said "Crotch Puppet", which peaked my interest. I was dissapointed.

    Really nice home made toy.