Last year I completed my personal favorite turtle, Mikey.  It took me 1 year to complete the costume, but there couldn't be just one turtle.  SO, it was a must that I complete his three counterparts.  After 2 years from the birth of the idea to create the ninja turtles, they are finally finished and ready to clean up the streets!

Step 1: Research

First thing I did was to buy the TMNT dvd set.  I watched all the movies to refresh my childhood memories of the amazing films.   All the movies are amazing but I had to go with the first movie's costumes.  The nostalgic value and just awesomeness of the original costumes can't be beat.

I did some research and figured the best approach would be to sculpt the entire costume.   Even though I had no experience at sculpting, I wanted something challenging.  My first sculpts were laughable. But with the encouraging help from members at the Replica Prop Forum, I was able to hone in on my sculpting and the improvements speak for themselves. 
They look awesome...great job..I am looking for a shell to complete my costume..can you help..thanks..abel.garcia78@yahoo.com...<br><br>
Would you be able to make me a michelangelo head
Could you explain how you made the shell better? I want to replicate something similar for a blastoise cosplay I'm working on.
If so can u email me details @alexisdixoncute@gmail.com
Are u selling?
<p>can you sell all 4 customs, whit his accesories, please send me info torsal.producciones@gmail.com</p>
I'm wondering if you make the costumes to order for sale? Please let me know I'm very keen to purchase one asap <br>Liam
<p>Do you sell these costumes? I am interested in a Michelangelo costume, but would settle for any of them if needed. Please email me at: info@pmalawrence.com.</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>wondering if you would be willing to make just Mikey for me and how much it would cost?</p>
Checkout Oklahoma Kid Designs on Facebook. Send me a PM and I can discuss it. Thanks
<p>Looking for all four turtles. Please email me as well: info@columbineandcompany.com</p>
I would buy one as well. Jdawg198626@gmail.com
If you do decide on making and selling them how much pleasure email craighill98@googlemail.com to let me know many thanks
Hay that is really fantastic Have you considered making them for sale I know I would buy one
<p>hi, OMG i love these outfits. Do you sell them?? If so how much, my husband is going to be leaonardo. Plz email me at zma421@aol.com</p>
<p>I would LOVE to have one of these costumes. How much would you charge to make one, as I have neither the skill nor time for something like this. I'm 5'8&quot; BTW in case that makes things a little easier with existing molds.</p>
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Since you have all the molds already done, would you ever make one to sell? And if so, how much? Great work!
Bet your excited for TMNT coming out in 2014!!!!
<p>Awesome costumes! This is actually my goal. Crazy question, but how did you see out of the costumes? It just doesn't look like you'd have much vision there. </p>
super win!
<p>amazing, I'm going to make one for the premier in August. How much did it cost u to make the costume though?</p>
<p>I love the costume and would love to make them for my grandsons (this my third time around with turtles my two sons where turtle fans about 11 years apart in playing with them can't even figure out the instructions --what a great job love them</p>
Awesome! When I saw the photo I thought it was the originals! Great work! Go ninja! Go ninja! GO!
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win good luck!
Omg you are my new hero. These are awesome! Thank you for sharing.
Awesome work! Any chance the turtles will pop up again around town?
GO TURTLES! <br>Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? out cardboards lol
Can you add more detail for how to make the shell because it seems difficult and looks great
I sure will. Give me a day or two to look up the pictures and type something up.
Much amaze
Beyond cool. Def following this guy <br>
MASTER!!!. <br> <br>Halloween Level Boss! <br>
Wow! Great job!
You could also make a Casey jones or even splinter
Totally amazing and impressive. The step-by-step procedure was very informative and enlightening. GREAT JOB and such talent!!!!!! ☺
OMG! You are amazing. I too loved the turtles as a kid and these costumes are awesome. The time and patience involved are just... wow. Kudos to you for getting all four done.
Thanks everyone! The goal was to replicate the original movie from the 90's. <br>To answer the question... <br>Cost: didn't keep track and don't want to remind myself but in the thousands I'm sure. Don't let the cost be a discouragement though. There are cheaper materials that can be used and a smaller project cuts the cost tremendously. <br> <br>Beebop and Rock Steady: who knows... I'm currently trying to decide my costume/s for next year and I'm not counting them out! <br> <br>
awesome job! I also wish I had the tools and funds to explore these types of builds. can you make Beebop an Rock Steady next year? lol
Dude, those are awesome costumes and pieces of art to be proud of making. Who cares about cost when it is something you love.
I agree! And I am voting!
You are AMAZING!!!! I'm in awe of the work you put into these and how incredible they look - wow!!!!! My brother who is 32 still loves the ninja turtles too. I remember watching the movies and playing the video games too....really awesome!
Out of control amazing and impressive. Congrats on the outcome!
You should try to make the '80s cartoon I think that would be pretty awesome
They look more like the costumes from the final movie.
I am probably the biggest ninja turtles fan great job! One question though how much does this all cost ( tools included?)
I so want to make these!!! <br>
Holy Crap!!! Incredible job dude! You pretty much have replicated the costumes from the first movie! Epic win!!!!

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