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This Instructable will help you assemble your Teensy Monster, understand how to program it, and provide many tips for building a great DIY controller.


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Step 1: Parts

Included in your Teensy Monster DIY kit.

01 __ Teensy Monster PCB
02 __ 3x Male headers
03 __ 1x 2x4 female header
04 __ 15x Ribbon connectors, male
05 __ 14x Ribbon connectors, female
06 __ Ribbon cable
07 __ 6x 700 ohm resistors
08 __ 2x 1.5 kohm resistors
10 __ Teensy 2++
11 __ IC socket
12 __ Analog multiplexer IC
13 __ 2x female headers

**Parts will not appear exactly as shown in image**

<p>Hey i want to buy the kit but it is out of stock please refill :)</p>
<p>This thing is beautiful. Nice work.</p><p>I'll be making my own Teensy synth and will use this at least as a reference.</p>
<p>Where did you get the micro usb to type B female cable in this <a href="https://cdn.instructables.com/F4N/YC38/HURHSKXT/F4NYC38HURHSKXT.LARGE.jpg" rel="nofollow">picture</a> </p>
<p>I too am very curious as to how you did the jog wheels?</p>
<p>Interesting build:) I have a website that is about building midi controllers and midi controller reviews. If you have time I would love if you could check it out</p><p>http://www.midilifestyle.com/</p>
<p>What is the max number of button, faders, knobs etc that can be hooked up? </p><p> <br><br>I am looking to do something with <br><br>136 buttons <br><br>32 faders <br><br>16 knobs <br><br>2 touch strips <br><br> <br><br>would this work?</p>
What kind of components did you used for the jog wheel ?
<p>When will Teensy Monster be available for buying?</p>
Nice instructable, but when will the teeny monster be available for purchase ?
<p>very very very soon! weeks I hope!</p>
<p>This looks really cool. I did some research on MIDI controllers while in school and always wanted to design my own....fantastic work!</p>

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