Picture of Teeth for your house
How to add some creepy teeth to make your house come "alive" on Halloween!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Tape Measure
Cutting blade
Straight edge to cut with
Standard Foam core boards (I used 6)
2 - 8 Foot pieces of Trim
Good Glue
Duct tape
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Step 2: Measure and Mark

Picture of Measure and Mark
On the long side of the Foam Core (30" side) you want to measure and mark every 7.5 ". This will get you 3 smaller teeth out of each board.

On the opposite side, just measure and mark half way at the 15" mark.

Step 3: Cutting the small teeth

Picture of Cutting the small teeth
Starting from the corner, cut from the corner to the first 7.5" mark.
Then from that mark, cut across to the 15" mark.
From that one, cut across again to the other 7.5" mark.

Your pretty much zig-zaging across the board to create 3 teeth.

Save the 2 outside "half teeth" for another project.

Step 4: Cutting the BIG teeth

Picture of Cutting the BIG teeth
For my house, I wanted to have 2 big teeth as the "biters", to do that, I just used 2 more foam core boards and did the zig zag thing again only on the long side to create 1 tooth per board.

Again, try to save the "half-teeth" extras for something else.

Step 5: Test layout

Picture of test layout
At this point, you can lay out the teeth on the 8' trim board.

If you use these exact measurements, you should be about to put 5 small teeth and 1 long tooth on an 8' board.

Remember, your going to be making 2 of these sets, so set your "big" tooth where you want to create that vampire look.

Step 6: Glue and clamp

Picture of glue and clamp
Now take your glue and simply glue down the teeth along the strip of your 8' trim board.

Then clamp each tooth and let it set overnight to dry real good, You don't want a toothless house!

Step 7: Duct tape and drill

Picture of Duct tape and drill
Once you've completed the 2 boards with the teeth glued on them, take some duct tape and stretch it down the whole side or the board. Wrap it around so it holds from front to back and over the top of the teeth. This is just extra support for the teeth.

Then drill about 3 holes in the boards down the whole side of it to secure to your home.
xproplayer5 years ago
two things one it needs bottom teeth two be like peter griffen and accuate the whole house and make it talk!
These are so cool, I've never seen house teeth before. I'll be linking. I might have to make some bloody ones myself...or maybe some glow in the dark paint. What a fun idea, thanks so much!
ANTQNUT5 years ago
I like it! I definitely agree with ve2vfd though! Very cool!
Lindie5 years ago
I really like that!
ve2vfd5 years ago
Good job! It looks cool, but I would add some bottom teeth, and maybe 2 huge eyes on the roof (sort of like the stack of money in the geico commercials on TV) If you want to go all out, add a big red tongue (painted cardboard, maybe get an empty fridge box from the appliance store) hanging out the window :)
karossii5 years ago
looks good - you need bottom teeth too though.