Teh Awesome Chocolate Sauce





Introduction: Teh Awesome Chocolate Sauce

Warning. This Instructable may get you married.

I swear, I get more offers off marriage off this chocolate sauce than anything else I ever make. And it takes ten minutes to make, has six or less ingredients, and turns that boring old vanilla ice cream in your freezer into instant gourmet. It's not even originally my recipe: it's based on Scott Peacock's, in his book The Gift of Southern Cooking with the late great Edna Lewis.

Mine's got easier instructions, suggests using a Mars Bar instead of the chocolate for extra awesome, and substitutes maple syrup for granulated sugar, but respek where respek is due. It is, indeed, teh awesome.

Step 1: Ingredients

Ok. Gather your ingredients. You need

half a cup of heavy cream
half a cup of milk
3 oz of good dark chocolate (or, if you're out of the US, a Mars bar. ) (See below.)
a tablespoon of butter
a sweetener: I like maple syrup. Honey's good. White sugar if there's nothing else.
a scant teaspoon of salt

Did you notice how you've probably got most of these around the kitchen already?

In my case, I'm using tasty raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk from the cows that I co-own at the excellent Meadowsweet Farm. Which means that the first two ingredients are just representative samples of the top of the bottle and the rest of the bottle. If you don't have a good local dairy farm around to support, you could also just use a cup of half-and-half.

So I tried using a couple of Mars Bars I brought back from Canada the other day, and it was so painfully sweet, even without any added sugar, that I'm retracting this suggestion. I used roughly equal quantities of Mars Bar as I had dark chocolate, and it was too sweet for most of us to actually finish, and had the consistency of thick hot chocolate.

If you do want to use a Mars Bar, skip this recipe: just chop up your Mars Bar into a pan and melt it over the stove, stirring as you go, and pour that over ice cream when it's melted. It's still achingly sweet, but the consistency is better. You don't want to microwave it because the caramel absorbs heat a lot faster than the nougat and very quickly foams up in a huge way and scorches.

Step 2: Heat Up Your Moo Juice.

Mix together your milk and cream in a pan and heat up. *DON'T BOIL IT*

In this picture I'm putting in some maple syrup. You could. Or just wait till later.

Step 3: Melt Your Chocolate and Butter

First, take a knife and break your chocolate up into rough shavings. Just chop chop chop the side of your block of chocolate and it'll shave off nicely

Now, this is where you can choose how hardcore you are.

If you're good, you pull out a double boiler, gently melt your chocolate and butter in there. It looks like you know what you're doing, impresses the people you want to impress, and I think this way might give you smoother texture in the end.

If you're slack like me, you just throw the chocolate and butter in the microwave for 2 minutes and 22 seconds, and boom, you're done.

Step 4: Combine Milk/cream and Chocolate

If you're doing this the easy way, now you add your melted chocolate/butter mixture into your nicely warmed cream/milk mixture and stir until it's all mixed in.

If you're doing this the hard way, then you want to add your milk/cream to your chocolate sitting there on the double boiler, stirring all the while until it's all mixed in.

Step 5: Sweeten and Serve

Now mix in your sweetener to taste.

As mentioned, I like maple syrup, and it mixes better and quicker than granulated sugar. Honey is also good. But if sugar's what you've got, throw it on in.

Notice I'm not giving quantities, because it's all about what tastes right for you, and it also depends on your chocolate. I'm using 99% dark chocolate here, so that means you need more.

Serve over ice cream. Or cake. Or apple pie. Or cardboard, for that matter. It makes everything taste awesome. Put it in the fridge; it'll last for ages -- Scott claims 3 weeks. Just turn down those marriage offers. Ain't no basis for a long-term relationship, y'know.



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    Can you buy mars bars in the US somewhere? or is there an equvilent?

    19 replies

    you dont know how to buy a mars bar in the USA?! the Mars company owns almond-jpy, m&m;'s, reese's cup, milkyway, snickers, three musketeers, THE MARS BAR, etc if you cant find Mars bar in the UNITED STATES, then you may be in trouble :/ i bought them a t wal*mart

    in th uk mars own so much!!! there is a cat food company owned by mars (it says mars at the bottom on the tv advert) lol

    So a MARS bar, is basicly anything made by MARS, the chocolate company? dude, so i could use a snickers?

    no, MARS BAR is a MARS BAR, not a SNICKER BAR. does that help? then again, there might be a coincidence that there is another mars bar in the UK, but if you want ot do this instructable just by a darkchocolate hershey bar

    I believe the U.K. Mars bar is a bar of chocolate. In the U.S. the Mars bar has nougat and crushed nuts in a chocolate dip. I love those things;)

    The U.K mars bar is nougat topped with caramel dipped in chocolate. The Snickers is what you are describing in U.K. Ok?


    look at these links:
    again, this pertains to the American (Colonies) Mars Bar.
    that last link... click down to "Mars Bar"
    Make sense?
    USA Mars Bar discontinued 2002, well, the name, it then changed names to Snickers Almond Bar.  

    The UK Mars Bar has NEVER been the same as the US version.
    I have no idea about the UK Snickers Bar, it might be the same as ours (and don't confuse the regular 'Snickers' with 'Snickers Almond Bar')

    The UK Mars Bar is sorta like a US MilkyWay or US 3 Musketeers.

    so just buy a dark chocolate Hersheys? probobly can get those a CVS...

    yes. that should work

    ya, ive never seen a mars bar here in the US, but i did see one in canada


    no that wouldn't work, its basically a snickers without the nuts. I suggest you melt a snickers down then remove the nuts. Or just use a snickers

    snickers have caramel


    if you loved the Mars bars they stopped selling here a few years ago-- you're in luck... after hours of searching on the interwebs. Success! Mars bar is now the almond snicker. Same creature. I've never been a fan of the European Mars Bar, but if that's the one you want, you can find it at many ~ethnic grocers and oriental markets. -- oh god I love the Mars bar. Now, if they'd just bring back Vienetta & Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate Icecream...

    Wait, wait wait.

    They stopped selling Mars Bars in the US? Or did I mis-read?


    Well, uh, that (my text) wasn't very clear. Mars Bar (US version) is no longer made here.  Sorta.  The one with the beige wrapper + Red "MARS" logo is gone.  BUT, if you see Snickers With Almonds that there little guy is 100% the MARS Bar resurrected.  So, if you liked the Mars Bar (US version), get a Snickers w/almonds. 

    Keep in mind, if you do see a candy bar named Mars Bar, it's the UK version, which tastes Nothing like the old American Mars Bar.  Those are wrapped in, mmmh, I ~think Brown wrapper with Red Text. I think, but that tastes nothing like the olde US version.  Not to knock the UK version. It's plenty yummy, but it's just not related to the US version.  It's closer to a 3 Musketeers. 

    Dang it, heck, for breakfast it looks like I have to make a candy bar run.

    hmmm. I think ill try those.


    Ya know, cause of this post-- on the way to work today, I had to stop and buy 1-almond Snickers und 1-Dark Chocolate Snickers (never seen them puppies before). And ya, you do need to try the snickers.