Telescopic Horn


Introduction: Telescopic Horn

very easy and efficiante telecopic horn playable as didgeridoo or alpen horn....

for a horn from 0,15 to around 3 meter long
make a roll of plastic shock (thermoformable)
thickness: 0,5 mm
high 15 to 17 cm
lengh: around 10 meters
a rubber band

Roll it with a inner diameter of 5 cm
put the rubber around it to contain the plastic.

Pull the inner corner while maintaining the out part of the roll.



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    what is plastic shock and where can i buy it?


    Sorry but this has to be said. The word is teleScopic. As in, it teleScopes. I know this makes me a word nazi but I do mean it in all niceness.

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    i will do the correction thanks

    excuse me but i am not sure to understand your meaning. My english is too basic.

    He's pointing out a spelling mistake in your project.

    i will post later some sound and vidéos. But if you are a didgeridoo player it sound like any good didgeridoo but you can tune it as you want and chage the size of the diameter. I will post too the way i play it as a low frequency acoustic generator or other way in the experimental music field.