Step 6: Final Steps...

Drill out the top with the 11/32" drill bit. I had to really work the top to get it all to fit right. After inserting the completed assembly into the Sharpie, re-inserting the ink tip in the top and putting the Sharpie back together, your Telekinetic Pen is ready to go! I pulled open small lock washer and wrapped it around my ring and then stuck the magnet to that. I guess you could super-glue one to your palm as well. Practice the proper technique of waving your hand over the Sharpie to get it to vibrate and dance. I hope you enjoyed this Instructbale from MAKE Magazine!
Anyone considering this might like to check out this site:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://unitednuclear.com/magnets.htm">http://unitednuclear.com/magnets.htm</a><br/><br/>If you scroll about 2/3 of the way down, they are selling neodymium magnet rings, people won't suspect you're carrying a magnet.<br/>(Note: not affiliated in any way with the site, just thought it was a good idea)<br/>
You wouldn't want to wear that ring near a Hard Drive, or any electronic equipment for that matter.
Nah, it won't do anything, I put a stack of 10 1 inch by 1/4 inch thick N40 neodymium magnets on a hard drive and let it run overnight, next morning, all the data was there. Tried moving it around and still nothing. If you want to erase a hard drive you really need a deqausing field. Maybe one of those 5 pound monsters from united nuclear would do something but it would probably just burn up the motor from CEMF in the disc. before it did anything to the data.
Had to repair a computer once where the girl had on a magnetic bracelet while working on her laptop. needless to say, she didn't &quot;erase&quot; anything but the head crash she caused when the magnet pulled and stuck to it really did a number on it.<br>she didn't feel or hear a thing.. it just started clicking on her. Wasn't until I opened it and said, &quot;WTH did you do, wave a magnet over it?&quot; that she mentioned her bracelet.
I'm fairly sure most hard drives wouldn't care (the magnetic field strength drops proportionally to the square of distance from the magnet and since hard drives also have a fairly solid metal shell, erasing them with permanent magnets isn't as easy as you might think). Definitely will want to stay away from any CRT screens you still have around though, as well as the magnetic stripes on your credit cards. The actual biggest concern I'd have with one of these is that it makes friends with some large immovable object (with your hand still attached) and shatters into a bunch of small sharp pieces. NIB magnets have a tendency to do that.
You do have to be careful with ipod classics and other mobile HDD&nbsp;devices, as they lack such a shell.<br />
About CRT screens + magnets, I remember one day, in first grade, when we were all given permanent magnets and were told to go around the room finding magnetic things. One of my friends, not knowing any better, stuck a permanent magnet on the CRT screen of an iMac (you, know, the old ones that were made of colored plastic and didn't have a floppy drive?). He said, "Look! The computer is magnetic!" The screen had a big, rectangular dot in it from that point on. I can't remember whether it was fixed or replaced, but that was my first lesson about magnets and computers.
Excellent suggestion! Thanks. I did not know they existed. Would have made this a better project.
i bought a reed switch but it only closes when a magnet is actually touching it, so it didnt work
i made it and it fooled everyone<br>
does this actually work????????????????
This is a cool trick
They removed it from MakerShed :-/
I can't beleve it, its you KIPKAY! I watch all your utube videos.
realy are they good i mean dirty
WHAT? dirty? HUH they are good clear instructions on life hacks.
its a tv reference i forget from where
What does it mean?
i think peter (fam guy) says good i mea dirty in an eroused voice
Or you could inject some plasmids in your left arm and throw it across the room.
That sounds just a little bit...hmmmmm, how should I say it.......INSANE!
plasmids???? ok someone give the stupid guy a definition!!! please
you know, plasmids! the special serums made from processed stem cells that introduce special stem cells into the body, allowing for genetic modification and real time mutation, even giving the user what some might call &quot;super powers&quot;.
oh yayayaya gotcha
Hmmm... Indeed
where do you learn to do all this... AWSOME STUFF?! and where can i get copies of make magazine in australia?<br/><br/>kipkay=awsome<br/>-bugzapper1995<br/>
Yeah, thats what I wanna know
video has been removed from metacafe
hey i am trying to make this crapy aa light i got from energizer or duracell into a 6 watt led light and i was using some methods from the tactical light you did and i ran into a problem the leads on the led are tiny i need to make them longer i have a soldering iron but don't know how to use it. i was wondering if there things you can buy that you can clamp or crimp to wires that can work as extending leads thanks and any info will help. ps: Kipkay Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alligator clips. you can buy them at Radioshack or a hobby store.
dollar store aka .99 cents store
allelectronics.com has a great holder thing that has a magnifying glass and adjustable aligator clamps! im going to the store tonight!
make steals half of their projects from this site.
Very complicated for this kind of trick, but awesome! Alternative not as amazing method: put a magnet in the cap of a normal sharpie. Wear a magnet on your ring. WOW! The sharpie moves! (Or put the magnet under the table and move it with your knee)
I'll try to be nice on this one,but i don't understand why in the he.......ck do they come up with something as idio.....as saying that inside a 9v battery,you'll find a bunch of little bateryes that is so unprofessional and mean...
"unprofessional and mean..." You can find aaa batteries in 9v ones, its only works for Energizer and Duracell batteries.
actually, it's AAAA (quadruple A batteries).
thats wat i meant, typo...
Yes there are AAAA batteries inside 9v batteries. there are six of them. each one is 1.5 volts. 1.5 x 6 = 9. just a bit of info. Also, how is it &quot;unprofessional and mean?&quot;<br/>
You could make it easier. Just wear a metal ring, and slip a glued magnet in the pen. Just make sure that the ring can hook wiht the magnet. I agree Doctor_Duquesne
Actually, then the motor would be on all the time! the reed switch is a switch that is activated when magnets are near them. So, if the magnet was inside the pen, the reed switch would always be activated, the circuit would always be complete, and the motor would be on all the time!
This is so not for instructables !!!!!!!!
Why not? Explain.
dues your videos are sooooooooooo awesome you are a genius
its a diy thing, its allowed
I'd rather use real TK. Why doesn't someone come up with one of those electronic psi wheels that measure telekinetic levels in folks?
lotta work just to make a pen move lol just use a string

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