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The Telephone To God (TTG) circuit provides several fertile areas of cutting edge research for readers to dabble in;  from influencing the probability of decaying radioactive particles (quantum mechanics), aka mind's influence on nature and machines to precognition and telepathy.

The TTG circuit can be used for testing PSI; precognition, telepathy and psychokinesis (PK). In a pinch, it can even be used as home radioactive bomb/fallout detector. And when not used in any of the above applications it's a truly random mood light with a very high coolness factor.

History of the TTG

When I designed this circuit I had thought it original to me. My company has turned this circuit into a small commercial product. A series of events cause me to look to see if a RNG had ever been connect to four different color lights to test for PSI and PK. Searching through the Internet I found that connecting a "Geiger counter" RNG, to a modulo four selector to four different color lights for the expressed purpose of testing PSI and PK had been done in the 1960's by Helmut Schmidt. 

Journal of Applied Physics, Feb 1970 pg 462-468, ISSN: 0021-8979

Not only had my circuit been created before, but in almost the exact same manner.

Helmut Schmidt had made many RNG devices, this was only one of them.

Telephone To God Disclaimer:

When used as a fortune telling device, ie, "Telephone to God", (TTG) I make the following disclaimer. The Telephone To God, is based upon the randomness of radioactivity, the user's interpretation of these random events is their own responsibility. The Telephone To God is offered as an entertainment device ONLY! I do not accept any responsible for any results consequential or inconsequential from the use or misuse of this device.

A Telephone To God, on the surface, it sounds too unbelievable to be true, well maybe not. Read on and make your own decision. Einstein is quoted as saying God does not play dice with the universe.To which Neils Bohr replied, Einstein, stop telling God what to do with his dice."

Our Telephone To God relies on the randomness of radioactivity. The built in minature Geiger counter detects background radiation. Background radiation consists of three sources: cosmic, terrestrial, and internal. Cosmic radiation comes from the sun and stars. Terrestrial radiation comes from low levels of uranium, thorium, and their decay products in the soil, air and water. Internal radiation comes from radioactive potassium-40, carbon-14, lead-210, and other isotopes found inside our bodies.

Connected to the built in Geiger counter is a PIC microcontroller that uses the randomtime interval between the detection of radioactive particles to trigger the selection of a random number between 1 and 4. Random numbers generated by a computer are pseudo-random numbers. They are random in an exact and repeatable pattern. So, they are NOT random and are thusly referred to as pseudo-random numbers. The random numbers generated by our TTG circuit are truly random. The Random Number Generator (RNG) will produce approximately one to two random numbers every minute.

As stated, the Telephone To God generates a random number one through four. Each number is assigned to a color LED that is displayed in our lamp unit attached to the phone. Number one is assigned the color (1 =) Red, two is assigned the color (2= ) Green, three is assigned the color (3 =) Blue and four is assigned the color (4 =) Yellow. Feel free to mix up and/or change the LED colors, as you desire.

Telephone To God - To use this device as a fortune telling device, aka, Telephone To God, assign answervalues to the LED colors; for instance red = No, green = Yes, Blue = maybe, and Yellow ask again later. Something like a color light magic 8 ball. Ask God a question and wait for the color light reply. Is this any better than a magic eight ball? That's for you to decide? Let me leave you with this quote from - Matthew 10:29. Not even a sparrow falls to earth without God knowing it. Therefore God would know of this telephone and could communicate through it

When not talking to God, our Telephone To God has a ton of other fun and useful applications:

PSI Testing

The TTG circuit can be used in the same manner as Helmut Schmidt's RNG device to test for precognition and psychokinesis.

Precognition Test - The Telephone To God (TTG), displays one of four colored LED light in a truly random sequence. Here the experimenter tries to guess the next color that will be lite. By correctly guessing the next color to be displayed, statistically greater than chance (one in four) alone would account for then experimenters show precognition. 

Psychokinesis (PK) - Influence of the  Mind Over Machine: Helmut Schmidt PK experiments in the 1960's followed this procedure. The subject tries to make one color come out greater than what would be allowed by chance. If that color id outputted by the device statistically greater than chance would account for that the experimenter can show PK. 

PEAR is an acronym for the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research. This interpret group of people led by Robert G. Jahn studied the mind influencing the behavior of machines, and proved a statistically correlation.

Global Consciousness Project - Local Egg - Dr. Dean Radin scientist and author has created a global network of random number generators (he named "eggs") which at times show statistical anomalies. A statistical anomaly is when the random numbers generated are a little less than random. This is expected to happen when large national or global events occur. For instance, 3 hours before the first jet hit during 9-11 the global network of eggs became a little less random indicating that the generators were picking up "a giant wave of consciousness," he said.

Dean Radin can explain the global consciousness project far more eloquently than I, here is a link to a Youtube video.

The TTG, outputs the random number produces through a TTL serial port that can be read by a computer. This number can be stored and analyzed statistically by the PC computer turning the TTG into a local egg.

Random Number Generator (RNG) - Our TTG can generate truly random numbers. You may question the need for random numbers. True random numbers are useful for data encryption (cryptography), statistical mechanics, probability, gaming, neural networks and disorder systems, to name a few.

Mood Light: The randomly changing colors from the lamp are a soothing. You may consider the randomly changing colors as an example of God talking but no one is listening.

"Radioactivity Detector" The TTG circuit may be also be used as a nuclear bomb/fallout radioactivity detector. If the Led's start flashing at a greater rate of two changes per minute for any length of time, you may be experiencing higher than normal radioactivity in the area.

How Random Numbers are Generated:

The way the random number generator operates is simple to understand. However, its fundamental function is best described using a mechanical analogy. Imagine if you will a sequence of numbers painted on a revolving wheel. A pointer is fixed on the outside of the wheel pointing to the number at the top of the wheel. The wheel is set into motion, spinning very rapidly. Then at any given randommoment the wheel is instantly stopped. The number under the pointer becomes our random number. Once read, the wheel is set back into motion.

The microcontroller program follows pretty close to the mechanically analog. The microcontroller spins the sequence of numbers; one thought four internally, in a for-next loop. The random point in time when the sequence of numbers is instantly stopped is generated by the detection of a radioactive particle by the tiny built-in geiger counter. The number is read, displayed via LEDs and sent out serially on the TTL port , if one wishes to perform other random number generator (RNG) experiments.

Please note: this video shows the Telephone To God Phone with radioactive element nearby to induce faster random number generation. When used under normal conditions, the TTG Phone will generally produce about 1 to 2 random numbers (color changes) a minute.
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oh how I love internet fights! *grabs popcorn*

Jareadx6 years ago
I don't believe that anyhting should be made to represent, to symbolise, or make fun of God. It needs to have a different name and have nothing to do with God.
Eirinn Jareadx6 years ago
Once "god" truly responds to my phone call i'll believe in him ;P until then get a sense of humour :)
Actually i'm an atheist, but if a voice starts booming from the heavens i might be inclined to change my point of view if you know what i mean XD I don't see it happening and neither do i believe it will, so atheist for me :)
you need to stop mocking god and read the bible....thats what happened to paul in the bible and people were blinded by a great light from heaven
I don't need to start or stop anything and not do I care about what happened to a person in a book. Until I, myself, am blinded by said light my comment still stands.
Derin Eirinn6 years ago
*throws megaphone and ipod couple into heaven*
Me too, I just like saying that word!
jiovine (author)  sk8trboipyro6 years ago
Me, I thought, "Telephone To God" had a ring to it.
jiovine (author)  Eirinn6 years ago
Yeah agreed. Booming voice from heaven, probably not, a whisper maybe?
Eirinn jiovine6 years ago
Nah i'd call myself schizophrenic then.
smtgr14 Eirinn6 years ago
Maybe he won't Answer because he Can't answer. You may want to try buying the long distance calling package for the phone before trying to talk to him.
Wally_Z smtgr144 years ago
Maybe "God" can't answer because "God" doesn't exist?
agreed man
shortw Jareadx4 years ago
I agree !
Maybe you need desensitized. Go here.
Dont bring that up.
Oh no I forgot rules uno y dos.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...they'll die...
jiovine (author)  Jareadx6 years ago
Well, you're entitled to your opinion, as is everyone else. I don't believe my device does anything you mentioned in your first sentence. But wouldn't that include churches, bibles and crosses as well? As to your second sentence, I'm always open to any good suggestions.
Jareadx jiovine6 years ago
It at least !!needs!! a different name, because we don't need a telephone to talk to God
It's a joke, just get over it.
so your God doesn't have a sense of humour, mine does.
God has a sense of humor. Platypus. Need I say more? Okay fine, God made man in his image; man has a sense of humor. I am christian, so no cracks about me making fun of God.
SirCheez2 years ago
Shut up everyone. It's a funny name, get over it and take your religious arguments somewhere else.
make me
fwjs286 years ago
if only i believed in God
fwjs28 fwjs286 years ago
and no, that is not an invitation to be bashed at about how such a bad peson i am and other such things....
I could never understand why people scorn, nice Biblical term, atheists and agnostics, they're just being honest after all. By the way I am a God-botherer. Awesome project by the way.
yea i mean isnt this countries govt. supposed to be "seperated" from religion and yet on all our money and our pledge theres god in it , or when u say u dont believe in god and its like uve just commited a crime.
P.S. <------athiest
fwjs28 shabaki6 years ago
see the thing about that is....well ya know...there really is no reason...lol..but to make everybody happy just put gods instead of god..that way it would pertain to all religons, and athiests and agnostics wouldn' freak because there are other people who believe in gods so its not sinlgling one religon...
no...change the name completely that wouldnt make me happy if it was gods and i dont like god iether and as said above "the freedom of religion " is now being called by tue government "freedom of worsi"
ip ...sorry accidently sent.....wich is entirely diferent freedom of religion is outspoken and being able to say what we beilieve....freedom of worship is"ohohoh y yaeh yyou guys can be christians but just be christians i your own little churches....."well tyats what the news media thinks and says....control the news media and you can make america think anything wich is wrong and you should just shutup about the rude remarks about me cause your just as outspoken as i am but only about different stuff completely different im a christian and why do hate god so muchh..........? and dont say you dont cause i know better
fwjs28 fwjs286 years ago
the power of the s :P
apender shabaki3 years ago
Constitutional right is to "FREEDOM of religion" not separation from it. Though by logic that would mean freedom from targetted harassment and mood ruining allegations of where one will go after death if he doesn't change his personal beliefs. IMO blanket propaganda that doesn't create the psychological disturbance of being singled out with intensity would be defended as it is just part of some religions to share. but no right to force or intimidate to convert (to a religion of the scared).

In summary, mention of God on money is not just religious it is also cultural. A trdition. Like that of christening (sp?) a ship. The economic managers following in the footsteps of founding fathers say thanks to a Person who represents everyone who couldn't be seen or considered to individually thank for our prosperity. Whether it waters God's name down by vanity or not is another deeper level of this topic. But people generally respect money and the 10 10 220 ads from the 90s surely make the case that the US dollar is still worth something! Lol and "Thank God!"
shabaki shabaki6 years ago
and by athiest i dont mean i believe in either a different god or multiple gods i mean i dont believe in any of them
fwjs28 shabaki6 years ago
i uhh, kinda figured..after all the meaning of atheist is pretty much not believing religion
Mrspott fwjs285 years ago
Should it really matter some people who believe in God are worse people I say to each his own and strive to be a good person.
fwjs28 Mrspott5 years ago
i think i deciphered you sentence to mean religion does not matter, as we are all equal people..and i agree
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