Step 8: Demonstrate

If necessary, provide instructional video with your teleport hat when you send it to the one you are likely to be missing.

The only place this hat teleported me was the principals office for "not complying with uniform standards".
<p>I know this comment was written 6 years ago but let me just say, you sir are an american hero</p>
I love it... thanks for the laugh :)
do they really work
do they really Teleport you to somewhere?
sorry i realy dont get the point of this :(
guess what im doin now =]<br/>
commenting. :D
&nbsp;Aww! that's so cute!
Absolutely adorable. I love the concept. Great twist on friendship bracelets.
do you think i could make one big enough for my childhood?
YESSSHHHH!now i can teleport back to mars......
That video was amazing! I am jealous of your teleporting skills. :D
It looks like the top of one hat fits into the top of the other. Are these little soul mate tops?
yes in this particular case they are made to be soul mates.
cool! I can totally see all sorts of possibilities here. a little secret society of funky hat people? secret messages in clothes... how fun it would be to meet someone new in person via shared hat patterns!

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