Picture of Teleporter FX for imovie 09
Do you have a mac?
Do you wanna make that cool star trek transporter effect like in Backyard FX?
Well now you can!
It is real easy!
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Step 1: Materials

What you need is a..

Mac (duh!)

imovie 09

and able to get to the internet

Step 2: Download the clip

Picture of download the clip
Just download the thing in the link
Here it is [http://indymogul.com/transport]

Step 3: Drag...

Once it downloads take it and drag it into your selected thing where you store clips wait for it and...

Step 4: Name your project

Picture of name your project
make a new project
I called mine "Beam Me New Clothes"

Step 5: Preferences

Picture of Preferences
Then open up preferences and put a check by show advanced tools

Step 6: Clip, actors, 2.5 secs long...

Picture of clip, actors, 2.5 secs long...
place the to clips of the actors in the same position or if you want one to disappear just film the same place but nobody there each clip should be 2.5 seconds long

drag over the telaporter clip on one of the clips and it will open up a menu
select picture in picture it will put the clip in the perfect position

Step 7: Make it big...

Picture of make it big...
make the thing as big as you need it and press done

Step 8: Finally the film

sorry i have to get a youtube account to put in the film... but it mite be on august 2009s your fx on BFX
you guys should be happy i did this for you i' m soooooooooooo tired the time is right now 12:21 am
valoskater8745 (author) 4 years ago
Hey everyone, I made this over a year ago. And while making this, I realized they made this with Final Cut Express, which is a Mac program, so this is just an alternate way to do this