Picture of Telescope pole camera
Jasper Giljam
themakeclass, av2a

This instructable will quide you through the steps of mounting a micro camera to a 4m telscope pole.
this tool will allow you to shoot movies with different pespective's and angles from security camera's and flying camera's.
This mini one man's crane is easy to operate and comes with a horizontal image stablizer, a tilt wire and lcd holder.
It's cheap and makes your footage more dynamic/ subjective.
Take a peek from a 4m high view watch the video below.

the results:

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Step 1: All materials

Picture of all materials
The list below contains all the materials you'll need to complete this whole instructable. This material list is divided in separated steps. First i'll give you the materials needed for the camera piece, second i'll give you the materials needed for the pole and last the materials for the lcd holder.

The material list for the camra piece:

- mini cmos camera (color,audio,dc8v)
- 8v battery
- styrofoam (4x4 cm)
- wooden block (10x5x5cm)
- ringscrews (2p)
- a roller (from a paint set)

The material list for the pole piece:

- a 4m telescope pole (look at your local window cleaning or paint store)
- brackets (4p)
- tiny rings (from keychain) (4p)
- wire (4m)
- audio/video cable (4m)

For the lcd holder:

- hardboard plate (40x40cm)
- wooden beam (100x2x2cm)
- nails
- brackets (2p)
- tiny screws (2p)

overall tool:

- screwdriver
- hammer
- pen
- knife
- gaffertape (ducktape)

in addition to recording you'll need:

-a camera with a av in socket or hd recorder.
-a lcd screen.
balisticjoe6 years ago
Could you make a link as to where to get the supplies?
Dantex6 years ago
Really nice!!! You have only one mistake - It isn't 8V battery, it is 9V! I give it 5!