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Introduction: Telescopic Wolverine Claws

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I'm a Super Hero geek and Halloween is the best moment of the year to scream it out loud by showing off some very cool homemade costumes. There's already a lot of DIY Wolverine claws out there, from simple cardboard ones to functional ones, like Colin Furze's.

I wanted mine to be both easy to reproduce AND functional. Based on my experience creating the Telescopic Crossguard LightSaber, I designed a set of expandable claws that could be printed in a single shot, without any assembly of support material. The STL and STEP files are available in this Instructables. Make sure to watch the entire video to see all the steps. (Also because the video is quite awesome).

Once the file is printed, with RAFT, but NO SUPPORT, used 200 grain sandpaper to remove the grooves and enable the blades to open completely. If they are still stuck near the end, use oil to grease it, but only after spraying it with paint (optional). I designed everything with Autodesk Fusion 360. Here's a link for people who would like to modify my design using A360 :

I hope you'll enjoy this little gift of mine for Halloween.

Kisses form Paris!

-Samuel N. Bernier

N.B. Thanks to our FabClub artist in Residence for accepting to pose as Hugh Jackman... since I was lacking muscles for the role.



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    Other than needing a 3D printer, this is beautifully simple. Well done.

    Félicitation le résultat est bluffant. Vous avez imprimé sur quel type de filament ? PLA ? Au niveau de la finition vous avez utilisé quelle peinture ? Merci :)

    Awesome! I went ahead and printed them out, but only one claw seems to slide out :/ Time to grab a knife and wish for the best! If it doesn't work out, I'll try making some changes to the Fusion 360 model to give it more clearance.

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    Yes. If the tolerances aren't large enough for your 3D printer, you may also try to scale it up a bit.

    aye yo where can i get some of those they are sweet

    Ok. Pretty friggin awesome.

    These are fantastic! They make a great noise when they slide out too. SHIIICK!!

    So cool :)