Recently I made a camera stand so I can film my hands while soldering and assembling my project (Instructable of this is coming soon). This is a kick-off project to test the equipment! (And I made it a gift for Henk Rijckaert)

It's a 6cm x 6cm x 6cm cube that changes colors based on the temperature!

Step 1: Parts Needed

You'll need the following:
- TMP36 temperature sensor
- RGB led, I used common anode, but can common cathode can be used with a small change
- ATTiny85
- 8 pin DIP socket
- LP1117t 3.3V linear voltage regulator
- 2x 50 ohm resistors
- 10 µF capacitor
- Perfboard
- 4xAAA battery holder (not in the picture)

To assemble the case I've used a laser cutter with one sheet of 30x60cm 3mm MDF and one sheet of 30x60cm 3mm plexi. You don't need the whole sheet, but I had it lying around. Some plexi cement is also needed for making the cube.

For programming the ATTiny85 you either need an Arduino, which is what I used, or a specific ATTiny85 programmer board.

To assemble the electronics you'll need a soldering iron and I've used a glue gun to afix the perfboard to the MDF.

Great instructable.<br>We can use it to test whether it is safe to touch or not for those things that get hot.<br>Also for the heatsinks that we use in our circuits.
<p>Thanks!<br>It's also relatively inexpensive to make, the total components price was only a few euros.</p>
<p>I love Attiny85 projects.<br>smart looking cube</p>
What a cool project. One use case I can think of is for my daughter, she is a little over a year and doesn't quite understand how a radiator heats up and cools down. Maybe something like this would be an obvious indicator... red is hot: do not touch. blue is cool: it's ok to touch. Lots of slay applications for this, thanks and well done!
Huh, I didn't think about that, and thanks!

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