Temperature and Humidity Sensor




Introduction: Temperature and Humidity Sensor

I was able to salvage a temperature and humidity sensor off of an old printer. It is extremely similar to the sensors available from SparkFun, and I am hoping to incorporate it into my next version of "Black Box".

For this project you will need:
- 4 wire temp/humidity sensor
- 4 jumper wires
- a micro controller

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Step 1: Wiring

Because I salvaged my sensor I needed to find schematics in the service manual (the exact wiring will depend on your sensor).

I experimented with the connections to determine if the data was returned as analog or digital.

Step 2: Coding

After some experimenting with reading the data, I believe that the temperature is exported as analog values in fahrenheit, and I can only get the humidity value to raise to a maximum of 7 by blowing humid breath onto it.

I am unsure how the data may be exactly transformed, any suggestions would be very helpful :-)

Have a great day! :-)



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