Temple of Notch Mcpe


Introduction: Temple of Notch Mcpe

Step 1: Make Spawn

Make spawn with a staircase that oversees the face

Step 2: Make the Face

Make a face whatever it looks like doesn't matter

Step 3: Start the Wiring

At the bottom of a hole at the end of the staircase put a cactus with a sign on the top and tap the back and make a long line of signs Once you do that make it go up until ur at the eyes go over with the signs go over put sand on top go back to the top line go up two signs then go over and make a basket with signs for the lava do that on both sides

Step 4: Wiring Part 2

Go back to the cactus and then put a sign over but not covering the hole go back with it go up out of the ground up and make the roof wire the signs to make the lava above you not fall

Step 5: Have Fun

Drop sand down the hole and watch



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    6 Discussions

    Lol i dropped the sand on my buddy!

    Lol idk what you mean by that but ok? Lolololololololololol

    It takes the eyes drops them making the lava take their place

    What does it do when you drop the sand?

    Do you have a map that can be downloaded