In my first tutorial I mentioned that my 5 pin ribbon completely broke off. In order to go any further I need a keyboard for my Speccie. I had an old PC keyboard laying around, which I wanted to use to build a Guitar Hero Guitar. For this I only needed the chip with the surrounded components. 

I don't have pictures of me showing you how to disassemble a keyboard, but there are many tut's on this site that does.

After I removed all the key's of the keyboard I laid the original rubber keypad over the corresponding key's in order to make a new keyboard. With a jigsaw I cut out the desired PCB and rebuild the new keyboard according to the original membrane print.

After hooking it all up and testing my new keyboard I could call this a success.
<p>haha nice, overkill, but nice, and it works... cheap solution for the common issues with these now rare keyboards.</p>
Overkill it may be, but fun to do and.... it still works ;P <br>And if I'm not mistaken, those membranes are still available these days.
<p>Yes, you can buy them on the Internet, there are few companies making them at least in EU. They aren't really cheap but well.. who cares talking about Spectrums? hehe</p>

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