Introduction: Temporary / Lab Button Cell Battery Holder

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Here is a quick n' dirty way of making a button cell battery holder to use when experimenting.

It's so simple that I'm almost ashamed to publish this as an instructable, but sometimes it's the small things that can make life easier...

What you need:
  • A (small) plastic clothes-pin
  • 3 inches of copper wire
  • A foot of red and black cables

Step 1: The Contacts

Picture of The Contacts

The contacts for the battery will be the copper wire. I'm making mine with a wire that is about 0.8 mm (AWG 20) but I suppose that it would work as well by twisting together the strands in a multi strand wire and use that.

Cut the copper wire in two parts and wrap each wire around the the upper part of each part of the jaw on the clothes-pin. They only need to be tight enough to stay put while soldering. After the soldering the wire will have melted into the plastic of the clothes-pin and will be securely fixed.

You need to be a bit careful with the heat though, is the wire sinks too deep into the clothes-pin it can't make a connection to the battery and you'll have to start over with another set of parts.

Keep the jaws open while soldering so that the other jaw doesn't get affected by the heat when soldering.

Step 2: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up

Solder the red and black cables onto the copper wires and you're done!


technologyguy (author)2013-06-21

I see we do think alike! I have used this idea with student projects for years. Cheap, easy, functional and indispensable for experimentation.

matseng (author)technologyguy2013-06-21

For button cells on PCBs I had another idea a few years back. A regular paper clip is perfect for making a cheap button cell holder/retainer.

I currently can't get the file uploader here to work so I'll just link to the forum at DP instead.

and1boyx (author)2010-01-29
2 thumbs up!
verdastel (author)2009-05-17

Simple yet handy! A nice instructables, keep making other ibles.

hassi (author)2008-01-16

Simplicity at its best. Just as it should be... Hurrah!

agis68 (author)hassi2008-12-08

i agree sometimes the solution is in front of our eyes....good and smart! What else?

Peter3D (author)2007-09-21

You can even use a wooden clothespin. . .

matseng (author)Peter3D2007-09-21

Mmmm, clothespins made out of wood. That would be nice to have.... All this plastic shit disintegrates in a few months after being outside in the sun and 35-50 degrees C (95-120 F) weather that we have here in Dubai most of the time. Luckily my battery holder is used inside, but the rest of the clothespins, brooms, plastic based paint and plastic garbage cans that we have on the terrace is getting brittle and flaky faster than you can say "sunshine" :-)

Peter3D (author)matseng2007-09-22

Wooden clothespins are easily available over here (The Netherlands). We're using them all of the time inside and out. Some are more than 20 years old. They only get more and more 'patina' over the years. I'd be happy to send you a package but the costs for p&p; are a big drawback. . .

HamO (author)2007-08-17

Excellent idea. Thanks for sharing.

awoodcarver (author)2007-08-17

Very nice ! So simple yet it works real well........slaps self in head and says to self why didnt i think of that!!

rockyt (author)2007-08-16

Awesome! and highly functional. I like it, i like it alot.

Ora (author)2007-08-16

I'm not saying that you need to change the title of the instructable, but this is more of a way to make your own alligator clips. Other than that, good idea!

matseng (author)Ora2007-08-16

Not really. An alligator clip only have one pole, if you connect that onto a battery it will be short circuited. This "clip" has two poles insulated from each other. They look quite similar but does two completely different things...

Ora (author)matseng2007-08-16

That is true, sorry for the mix up. I have newfound respect for your instructable!!!

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