Introduction: Temporary Emergency Duct Tape Cast

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A temporary cast till you ( or your friend ) gets to the doctor. 

Very cheap household products

Duct Tape
3 12 inch wooden sticks
mesh tape.... really any kind of wire mesh will work

Step 1: Make the Duct Tape Fabric

Picture of Make the Duct Tape Fabric

1.start by cutting 7 12 inch pieces of duct tape 

2. touch the top of one duct tape strip to the bottom of another (sticky side facing the same way)

You should have 7 strips of duct tape connecting to for a 12 x 12 square of duct tape. This will be known as the base layer.

Step 2: Insert the Sticks

Picture of Insert the Sticks

place the three sticks spread 3 - 4 inches apart from eachother

Step 3: The Mesh

Picture of The Mesh

Lay down 6-8 12 inch pieces of mesh 

then cut off all the parts that stick out ( errors in duct tape ripping or incorrect measurements of mesh)

Step 4: The Outer Layer

Picture of The Outer Layer

1. Once again cut 7 strips of 12 inch duct tape

2. Lay them down vertically this time

3 . cut off all the excess pieces 

Step 5: Application

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 Wrap the cast around the arm / wrist area
then wrap duct tape around the cast to tighten and hold it in place.

To take off either cut off the duct tape or slip it off over your hand


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