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Introduction: Temporary Public Art

I was at school for the week of Thanksgiving my freshman year of college.  A plane ticket home was too expensive and most of my friends had left.  I had no classes so I took the opportunity to do some art for fun.  I made over 25 paper stars, painted them and hung them in the woods near my school for a while before I brought them back inside



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    I would love to be a kid walking through
    those woods and staring at them wondering how they got there, it definitely seems like something faeries would do. Great story! Could you please make a tutorial showing how you made the stars?

    Thanks! This was so many years ago now, but a full tutorial has been on my list for a while! I'll try to post one in a next few months :)

    Thank you, I have a lot of woodland near me and fancy leaving some faerie stars around to confuse and/or enchant walkers.

    I was left behind on the base once for Christmas. I spent the weekend pouring vodka into an Orange juice bottle until all the juice was gone. I think you accomplished more than I did.

    My only objection is that you took them down. You should have left them up and let everyone wonder where they came from. At least it would distract them from boring you with their T-day stories. lol

    If I left them up I don't think they would have lasted for more than a day. They were made out of paper and it was very drizzly outside :/

    This is cool! I enjoy the stars, but more so I really love your story! Turning a situation that could have been a downer into something as lovely as this can be a diamond in the ruff! I added my vote for the I made it contest. Good luck!

    Well thank you! It was an unfortunate situation, but keeping busy and making cool things made it much more bearable.
    Thank you so much for your vote!

    I would LOVE to see more about how you made these. They look great!