I own a 1995 Honda civic. Bless her heart she's lasted me three years, and i bought her for $600. It's almost the end of the road. I can tell. So sad. Recently my side window fell off the track and completely shattered. Good thing it was tinted, or i would have way more little glass "diamonds" then i already do. I live in Florida and every day like clockwork around 4:30 we get at least 15 minutes of torrential rain. It's weird. For a couple of days i used garbage bags and duct tape. That got old real fast, but i didn't have the money to get it fixed. And truth be told, i didn't want to invest any more $$ in my pos car. The following is my solution.

Step 1: The Stuff!

I didn't take many pictures of the actual process, but with a little imagination you can imagine what to do.
1: I held up a piece of cardboard with tape to the outside and from the inside traced a crude outline of the window.
2: I cut a 2 layer piece of 1mil visqueen. I just layed it over the shape i traced and left about 3 inches around as i cut it.
3: Next i bought some magnet strip. (this got poor reviews for magnet strength, but i think those people were using small pieces. When you have a whole strip it works good.)
3: Adhere magnet strip to inside of your two layers of visqueen.
4: With your magnet sandwiched between your visqueen, duct tape all the edges to make it whole.
*I put a magnet strip vertically to the rear side if the window, and there's no metal there. Oops. Anyway it acts like a weight that makes it a little more firm.
<p>It's not legal, because it is too thick, opaque, and obscures your vision. I had to do this to one of my cars. I used clear vinyl sheeting (or table cloth cover). It is perfect because it is strong enough to stretch it tight and clear as glass.</p>
Thanks Jason! I showed a dude at work and he literally laughed for five minutes. Pretty ridiculous. Pretty hilarious. Pretty useful.
Best instructable ever!

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