Step 1: Materials

1. Sharpie
2. Hairspray
3. Baby Powder
4. Tissues

Step 2: Draw

Use the Sharpie to draw what ever you want

Step 3: Hairspray

Let the Sharpie dry before you do this step. Now use the Hairspray to Lightly (!!) spray the Sharpie. If you use to much it will smear. Not Fun.

Step 4: Baby Powder

Let the hairspray dry, then put on the Baby Powder. Whenever you shower or get it wet put more on.

Step 5: Tissues

Use the Tissue to to wipe off the Baby Powder and make it look pretty. ;)
I tried it it worked really well and it lasted a long time
Is there any risk for poisoning from putting a permanent ink on your skin?
I used to draw on myself with Sharpie all the time. My parents brought me to the doctor, she then explained if it was poisonous they wouldn't allow kids to but them. lol. my parents didn't like that

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