Temporary Trophy




Introduction: Temporary Trophy

They misplaced my daughters trophy for her dance class last year so she and I made this one to hold her over until they found it.

I love how she could care less that it was made out of cardboard as long as she could have it that night.

Step 1: Cut, Glue and Paint

This was a quick project for her. I wanted to wait till the next day and make her one out of wood but she wanted it now. So I gathered up some cardboard, tubes from some clothes hangers, a hot glue gun and paint and went to work. the bottom was a square with the corners notched so we could fold it at a 90 degree angle and glue the seam. Then I made a hallow rectangle and glued the clothes hanger tubes at each corner. Then a piece for the top and it was time for the star. I had her draw it out then I folded a piece of cardboard in half and cut a a frame star shape out of it and glued it down. Then we cut out a number one and glued it to the face. after all the clue had cooled I sprayed it gold and added her dance logo and we were done. She thought it was the best trophy ever.



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