Ten Day Cooler





Introduction: Ten Day Cooler

Take a simple ice chest and turn it into a piece of furniture.



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Great idea. May try this here in FL for my patio.

Nicely done !
If you noticed the Lid is Hollow. When i made my cooler i filled the lid with Great stuff expanding foam .
My cooler works incredibly well over here in Midland Tx .

Oh this is awesome! Great for anyone headed to burning man this week.

Reminds me of Iceboxes of old before the days of compressor type refrigeration.

Question, similar to ancienthart's, what kind of foam did you use for the insulation?

Thanks for the comments. I will have a step-by-step available next week. I was squirreling around with some new software bought on impulse. Will include injection instructions.

great idea and a really cool build. personally Id prefer a regular picture "ible" even though you did a really good job with your vid. It was 2 slow for me but again thats personel and has to do more with my reading speed than anything else. I seldom watch video "ibles" , I guess Im old school and prefer written instructions.

No images of the foam injection process?

Nice idea--but honestly, I had to utilize the mute button.

Great idea and nicely done!