Step 6: Use.

Your table is now assembled. If your bottles are screwtops, you may want to replace the lids as feet. Turn the whole assembly over so that the tops of the bottles are resting on the floor.

Enjoy, and comment or email me with some photos!
Appreciate the inspiration!
Thanks for the inspiration, loving mine!
<p>Looks really great. Actually, those large bottles make me believe this could be done with mason jars to get a lower table for my living room!</p>
Nice one! Are those wine bottles or something fatter?
1.5 Liter wine bottles. Definitely had a fun time putting this together.
I bet!
<p>Cool one! Think I have some spare glass bottles somewhere. Just need to find the wood :)</p>
First time build for me. Used 2 small pallets. thinking of adding a drawer to the top.It turned out great.
My sister and her boyfriend moved recently and they don't have a lot of the essential living room furniture yet. Being that they are wine enthusiasts, I decided to make them a coffee table like this for Christmas. I just finished the table today - here are some pictures.<br>I used 4&quot; and 6&quot; wide boards from Menards, cut to 4' lengths to make the top and bottom and then stained them with a dark polystain (satin finish). I think it really made the boards look more vintage/reclaimed.<br>This is my first time making any sort of furniture, and now I want to make more!<br><br>-Danielle
Hi Danielle, great coffee table! Just a note: for stability is better that tensioners/turnbuckles are oblique, as you can see in royshearer's attached drawings.
very true! sorry if that isn't clear in the instructable.
Beautiful project!
There are some very nice looking wine and booze bottles out there that would look great for this. You could also fill the bottles with colored water, sand, sea shells, buttons, photographs, anything small enough to get in the neck of the bottle, including ships! This is a very interesting idea that could be endlessly personalized. Thank you.
Actually some water with pretty coloring added could be an asset. If the bottles are well sealed and really filled with water it becomes very difficult to bend or compress the bottles if they are plastic. With a bit of clever wiring and some LEDs one could beam light up through the colored water or even go hog wild and have four lava lamps as supports.
Hi, <br>What a brilliant project. It inspired me to make my own rustic coffee table. The wood is from an old door which I cut down. <br>My next step will be to add a glass top.
This looks great, cheers!
SUGRU!!!!! you could just SUGRU!!!!!! the feet thats why i say SUGRU!!!!!
Really very nice tables. Great idea and instructable.
The filling the bottles with concrete is a good idea for both looks and strength. It would be just as strong and as good looking to use the cable and screw eye bolt system as per the coffee table. If you used 2 cable loops in a square shape, one per side, you could fasten them together by unwinding the cable ends and creating loops, The trick to getting the loops to turn out nice is to get a good clean cut on the cable end. Hammering the cable over the blade of an old axe works well. Once you have your loops, loop eyed together you can then use pre-stretched rope to tension it up giving you a hour glass sort of shape to the cables on each side.<br> <br> Make a small loop at one end of the rope, then around outside of one or both cable sides, then pass the other end of the rope thru the loop and pull back using the loop like a pulley. Rubbing the rope with ordinary wax will let it slide tight easily without breaking on you. With a strong cord you could likely get enough tension on the cables to pluck them for a note or too.<br> <br> The beauty of using this idea is you cut the cost in half or more for the parts needed, as large turnbuckles are your most expensive part in that build. to stop the cables from cutting the rope place a small piece of strong fabric or rounded piece of scrap metal sheet etc. under the rope where it passed over the cable. These scraps can be removed later. &nbsp;small copper elbows would work well and might look nice too.<br> <br> Cheers, Phil aka zipperboy
If you were worrying about the bottles breaking, couldn't you fill them with a quick-setting concrete?<br>It would give the table a more &quot;industrial&quot; look, also.
Very cool. I wonder if just one big beefy turnbuckle in the middle would work?
I have been so impressed, i just rebuild the table! <br>Mine looks like this :)
beautiful, well done!
Edit: I put some wheels onto it, so if you want to put the table beside a little, the load to the table is less. <br>And also i used smaller ones of these metal things to tighten the 2 plates and some ropes. the big ones were much too expensive...
Can the bottles break if you tighten too much?
I have never had this problem, so would say no. The greatest hazard is the bottles cracking by knocking them around too much during cleaning and constructing, which has occurred in the past. Take your time and take care with the glass, but don't worry about compressing them.
I know of some ice tea bottles that would be perfect, I also have some plastic half gallon sizes in mind . and different shapes. oh the possibilitie are endless .
after i made this i talked to it.
That is an excellent, and visually attractive, piece of furniture.<br> <br> <sub>Is it my imagination, or do your projects show that you have a <em>lot</em> of bottles of booze that need recycling? ;-)</sub>
Im sure you could ask your local bar to hold onto some bottles for you.
! I have some bottles, and several sources who hold some back for me! I don't have a drink problem but have developed a worrying obsession with empty bottles.
i like the idea of using the screw top bottles as feet for the table that just seems to work for me
Your design is absolutely gorgeous! Simple, elegant, functional. Thanks for sharing.
Have you made these with more than four bottles? Maybe a round table or a long one?
I have a made a longer one and another using 3 bottles, both shown on the <a href="http://zero-waste.co.uk/projects/tengreen.htm" rel="nofollow">project page here</a>. I also made this <a href="http://zero-waste.co.uk/projects/tensiontable.htm" rel="nofollow">two bottle version using wire in tension</a>. I would love to see a round version!<br>

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