A great way to make a super-simple kaleidoscope out of an old gift card. I got this idea from the Dusan Makavejev movie "WR:Mysteries of the Organism". One of the first scenes was shot through what appeared to be a kaleidoscope lens. It was amazing, so I went online to try and find one for one of my own cameras but didn't find a thing.

This is a wonderful way to add an interesting effect to your photos in-camera. This method seems to work best on point-and-shoot cameras, TLRs and camcorders. The kaleidoscope effect is a whole lot more subtle on SLRs, but interesting nevertheless.

Step 1: Materials

All you need, really, is a gift card, some tape and a pair of scissors.

If you have some extra time, an empty film canister and a drill or a carpet knife, there's a slightly more advanced way to do this.
<p>Thank you so so so so much! here i was searching for apps to give me this effect, when i could just do it all myself by hand haha. love the simplicity of it</p>
Thick?? You probably mean "wide"
Haha, that's right. I'll fix it.

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