Tennis Archery Target





Introduction: Tennis Archery Target

This is a fun and challenging way to test your accuracy and it's super simple to make!

Step 1: Making Our Project

For this project you'll need 3 tennis balls (Or however many you want) and 3 pieces of string about 4 feet in length.

Next, drill a hole into the top, and bottom of the tennis balls making sure that the holes are centered.

Step 2: Threading It Through

When that's done, go ahead and take your string, and thread it into the top hole, and then pull it out of the bottom hole and tie a knot at the end to keep it in place.

Step 3: Setting It Up

Your pretty much all finished, just tie up the tennis balls to anything that would make a suitable support. In my case I just hung them from a pole laying across 2 gun targets but anything will work. Have at it!



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This is a great idea, I actually use tennis balls and just toss them off my back porch to random parts of the back yard. that way I can practice at different ranges instinctively. but this would be a nice way to secure several to my belt while hiking with my bow.

Whoa! Hiking with a bow just sounds soo awesome!

This is a great idea for a target. I especially like how it can be easily adjusted to change up your target.