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This is a quick and easy way to relieve your back pain.  Your back will love you!

Use it on your own by rolling on it on the floor or have a friend run it up and down your back. 

Step 1: Materials

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HakanK14 months ago

I love this site! Very smart!

jorge30945 years ago
hi, just wanted to tell you that the tape that you are using is called duct tape and not duck tape, hope it helps great instructable by the way
No no, it's called duck tape. It was originally created for waterproofing military ammo crates, earning it the name "Duck tape". Check your facts before you correct others.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duct_tape Read the first paragraph. There is also a brand "Duck Tape", but I assume you mean this by the "water resistant sealing tape for ammo cases".

NEVER USE WIKIPEDIA TO WIN AN ARGUMENT.... Wikipedia is created by users who think they know things. Usually it is correct in general, however among what is correct, can hide things incorrect. It's just never smart to use a database that is maintained by those who view it, for an argument.
so instead of using a source with thousands of people that can contribute, correct, and clarify, we should use a source maintained by very few people?

how do those people get their facts?  do they do every bit of research themselves?  no, they ask experts, they outsource.

i think wikipedia is better.  and at the very least, it’s no worse.

It's your choice, I'm sorry I even said anything. I just know that I can jump on wiki and have my updates that are ENTIRELY incorrect sit there for weeks, as I've done in the past to prove a point. I'm just stating that in my opinion, Wikipedia isn't a reliable enough source to use to debate, or argue over.

And as you stated, it's maintained by the general population.... how many times have you been able to get the inner working of a nuclear reactor from a person you meet on the sidewalk, or can joe shmoe tell you how an aircraft's gyro works? Not likely, and those that can.... probably won't waste their time typing it all out on wikipedia, since there are THOUSANDS of other area's to reference that material.

History is not any less of a task to get correct, than a reactor, so why would you leave it up to those who think they have something to contribute, or have read something in a magazine?! I'd rather know from a reputable source, and in my opinion, wiki is not even close.

But hey, it's my opinion, and everyone is entitled to one... so yours is just as valid, have a good one!
Wikipedia is a horrible information source! My wife is a Librarian and is always down on Wikipedia because any schmo can change information on a whim. Some do it to just to be mean.
2017M Bryan Smith10 months ago


Yes, but other readers can see it, even experts, and correct it. Usually there is a moderator that is notified whenever changes something, and can go to check for spam and incorrect statements.
shann.rox MaXoR4 years ago
That's the best explanation of why Wikipedia shouldn't be used for specific facts....its great for an overview of a subject but for dates, historical facts etc. its not always accurate.
"Duck tape" is a sister brand like gorilla tape, sprouted from the misconception between "ductworking tape" and the word "duck". (ironically, most building codes within the US now frown upon using duct tape for duct work) "Duck tape" is by "Duck productions", who is a division of "ShurTech Brands" who is a sub of the parent company "Shurtape Technologies" who owns the trademark of the name "Duck tape". Duck tape is trademarked by the logo with a duck on the inside of the roll ( http://www.emergencyresources.com/ducktape.jpg ) There is no logo on the inside of the roll in step one, so it is a generic roll of hardware store "Duct tape". Both Duct and Duck tape exist.Duck tape is more commonly used for crafts because it comes in a variety of colors, is not known for it's supportive taping properties, and using a different polythene mix. Yes, the term "duck tape" was coined in military use, perhaps because of it's water proofing properties, but it also went by "hurricane tape", "riggers' tape" and a few others which have not stuck around. It was not ONLY refereed to as "Duck tape". Check your facts before you correct others. (I can not believe I just wrote that much on duck/duct tape...)
As it was called duck tape, duck tape is an acceptable name for this sort of tape, meaning the poster of this instructable was not in need of correction.
duck's a brand name, duct's a generic name. but you don't see anyone freaking out about calling a tissue kleenex, do you? (in other words, agreed.)
You are correct in the name of "Duck" Tape. I really wonder why some people nit pick and even when they are wrong/right continue to do so? It is kinda like banging your head against the wall; it only gives you a headache and leaves a mark on the wall. IT IS CALLED BOTH Duck/Duct TAPE; depending in what country you are..
Duck is a corporation, they make all sorts of tape, including duct tape, and cleverly put their name in big letters on their duct tape because it is similar to the word duct, in that only the t is replaced with k, creating a homophone, i agree that the conversation is unnecesary, but i felt the need to defend the correct answer to defend the oppressor wolfmanjeb:)
It's 'acceptable' yes, but not correct. It's a subtle difference in definition like confusing "coffins" with "caskets", and "further" with "farther". It's acceptable in the same way the term "Escalator" is now thrown around when not referring to an actual Otis' brand name lift.

Personally, I'd consider it edit worthy, but just because it's a minor thing and online, I normally wouldn't have said anything. The only reason I did here was because you called out jorge3094, and corrupted the definition even further. If you'd like to continue the conversation more, PM me. I don't think there is much else not worthy to say here, and I don't want to fill this project's comments with our dispute. No hard feelings?
We in the theater tech and film industries call it by the generic name gaffer tape, although I also believe there's a brand called 'Gaffa'. There is also a joke in that duc[k/t] tape is like The Force (Star Wars) - it has a dark side and a light side and it holds the universe together :)
actually, it's original purpose was for making canvas plane repairs, and was nicknamed 100 mile an hour tape, soldiers quickly found that it could be used for a variety of other things, and when it reached civilians, it was marketed as a way of connecting air ducts, hence the name "duct tape"
that's what I grew up calling it. My father was in the Marines and the Army.
poepadoe sbacon5 years ago
There is still 100 mile an hour tape, and it is not the same thing as commercially available "duct tape" as my dad always insisted we call it, used by parachute riggers and other paratroopers.
Another explanation is that the cloth used was similar to cotton duck cloth, which is a canvas type material used for tents, tarps and other military type applications. The original tape was a cloth like this with adhesive on it. See the article below for more info. They have citations dating back to 1945. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/03/02/magazine/the-way-we-live-now-3-02-03-on-language-why-a-duck.html?sec=&spon=&pagewanted=all I wouldn't edit it. Nice work to the author. vince
if you look at the duck brand... um.... rubber fabric tape, then it says "duck brand duct tape". therefore, when you say duck tape, it's like saying kleenex - it's technically a brand name, but nobody cares. if you say duct tape, it's like saying tissue - it's the generic name, but again, nobody cares.
sounds like a good idea.
parisusa2 years ago
Chiropractors & Massage Therapists recommend this idea. But I never heard of putting 2 together. Great idea! Also, stepping on a tennis ball (or frozen plastic water bottle on its side) & rolling from toes to heel is helpful for certain foot issues/pain (check with your professional doctor/therapist first!). :)
binary783 years ago
This is awesome. Sometimes I have a problem with triggerpoints in my back and specifically gluteus medius, it can get so bad that I'm not even able to stand up. This is perfect for releasing the triggerpoints, and it's helped me alot. Thank you :-)
zjschafer3 years ago
I dunno if your dog Auggie wnated to participate.. I think she just wanted the ball xD
ac-dc5 years ago
I wonder if I used 1000 tennis balls, could I build a massage trampoline?
JermsG ac-dc3 years ago
I WANT one! =8-D
nyannayon4 years ago
Whatever. I use this tool in a slightly different way. I put the two tennis balls in a knee high trouser sock and tie a knot in it. If I have a headache, I lie down on the floor with my lower legs resting on the seat of an upholstered chair. I relax my legs so that they relax apart and are supported by the arms of the chair. I may have to put a towel under my lower back to acheive comfort. Then I'll use a hand towel or washcloth to prop the tennis balls in the occiput. I've heard that it's not a good idea to do this for more ten minutes and I suspect that it's because the flow of fluids is stopped/slowed by the pressure of the balls. If you are are going to try this, be sure to have a few pillows and towels near to hand (and maybe an eye pillow) to prop yourself comfortably. It's a wonderful way to unwind when you get home from work.
Thank you, Carleyy!
Screamo4 years ago
Great instructables! :) you can all shut up about the "duct tape" "duck tape " thing
hlhenry5 years ago
Doing it against the wall also works.
pedaltroy5 years ago
I use a large superball. It is less compliant and works well for getting a deeper tissue massage.
ronartcal5 years ago
Nice Girl! Thanks! :-)
slloren5 years ago
Actually a better way to do this is using old tube sock instead of duct tape. Insert the balls inside the sock and tie at both ends. Voilà!
Friedo slloren5 years ago
Wow that sounds like the 2.0 version. Duc(t/k) tape leaves residue if/when it comes off. Maybe using the tube sock with a knot in the middle between the balls to keep them separate, also? Now I want to go hunting for one of my lone ranger socks..
I heard about a great way to fix bad backs - something to do with a steel trashcan - hmmm, something is vaguely reminding me of The Simpsons....
Good idea. Auggie wants you to throw one of those balls! And what a nest of amazingly picky makers you uncovered with the tape spelling. I think it should be called DUCKT tape on Instructables henceforth.
HEY YOU5 years ago
Well done!!

If you drill holes part way through a couple of solid core golf balls (the liquid filled ones are messy) then thread a piece of threaded rod between them, you can get pretty deep into the back muscles.

Don't forget to leave enough of a gap between the balls so as not to rub on your spine!

For chronic foot pain try freezing the golf balls and rolling it with your bare foot.

Cheers, and happy massaging
bsernie5 years ago
Glad to see your style. I used to do your style with one tennis ball to massage my back 14 years ago when I was assigned overseas alone. I stand backward against the wall, tennis ball is between me and the wall, then start moving upward and downward while pressing ball and bring the ball anywhere in my back . Try to learn how to cortrol the ball to roll anywhere you want fo feel the massage. Furthermore, I discovered as well that my knee got exercised while leaning the wall backward moving sideways and up and down. I encourage this style to those people who live alone that no one will ever massage your back. It helped me indeed! Thanks for reading.
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