Step 2: Tape Tennis Balls Together

Picture of Tape Tennis Balls Together
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Lay the duck tape sticky side facing up.  Place the two tennis balls on top of the tape a couple inches from the end.  The balls should be touching and the tape should be right in-between. 

First take the few inches of tape left on the end and wrap it around the junction where the balls meet.  Press the tape towards the meeting point to close any gaps.  Now roll the balls along the tape pressing in the tape towards the center as you go. 
jorge30945 years ago
hi, just wanted to tell you that the tape that you are using is called duct tape and not duck tape, hope it helps great instructable by the way
if you look at the duck brand... um.... rubber fabric tape, then it says "duck brand duct tape". therefore, when you say duck tape, it's like saying kleenex - it's technically a brand name, but nobody cares. if you say duct tape, it's like saying tissue - it's the generic name, but again, nobody cares.
No no, it's called duck tape. It was originally created for waterproofing military ammo crates, earning it the name "Duck tape". Check your facts before you correct others.
slloren5 years ago
Actually a better way to do this is using old tube sock instead of duct tape. Insert the balls inside the sock and tie at both ends. Voilà!
Friedo slloren5 years ago
Wow that sounds like the 2.0 version. Duc(t/k) tape leaves residue if/when it comes off. Maybe using the tube sock with a knot in the middle between the balls to keep them separate, also? Now I want to go hunting for one of my lone ranger socks..