Picture of Tennis Ball Bottle Rocket by jessedarrencorey (tm)
You put some bottles with a tennis ball in it and a garbage bag and shoot it. Get ready to learn how.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials for constructing a bottle rocket include: 
- 4 2L Soda Bottles
- Cardboard
- Duct Tape
- Tennis Ball
- Box Cutter
- PVC Pipe
- Garbage Bag
- String 
spykids5 years ago
what are those light blue strips ? just wondering
Kiteman5 years ago

We have a sudden rash of water-rockets.  I'm guessing it's a school project?

Have you all seen the relevant groups:



rickharris5 years ago
Where did the tennis balls go? From the difference between your write up and the labels on your diagrams I suspect you didn't originate this. Seems to be lacking some details for those who may want to follow your steps.