Introduction: Tennis Ball Holders

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Step 1: Tennis Ball Holder

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This is an idea I had got online hope you enjoy

Step 2: Parts

3 tennis balls
A ping ping bat
Marker pen
Hot glue gun with glue stick

Step 3: Cut

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Cut a slit in all three balls
1. Make a small slit in the ball using a knife
2. Use the blade to make the slit bigger

Step 4: Design Your Tennis Ball

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Using the marker pen I made lips around the slit
You can do your own design as you wish

Step 5: Glue It

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Using a hot glue gun spread the glue at the back of the tennis ball and stick it onto your ping pong bat.
I did it on three corners, you can do it as you wish.

Step 6: Test

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The ping pong bat had a hole at the handle side in which I used to hang and test it.

Step 7: Decorate

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I decorated it with newspaper clippings. I glued it with wood glue to the ping pong bat and set it aside to dry for at least an hour

Step 8: How to Use It

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Squeeze the side of the ball so that the slit opens and put what you want for it to munch on and pull it out when you need to get it. Hence the final product

Hope this will help others out there


tomatoskins (author)2015-10-16

I love the added lipstick design!

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