Picture of Tennis Ball Pig

You'll need:

1 x Tennis Ball

1 x, maybe 2, pink balloons

2 x googly eyes

1 x pink pipe cleaner

2 x small pieces of pink felt for ears

Step 1: Prepare the tennis ball

Picture of Prepare the tennis ball

Take off a slice off the ball. It needs a flat spot to stop rolling.


Adorable! I'm tempted to make this for my dog, but I know she would destroy it in seconds!

Thanks, my daughter didn't take too long either. She showed them off for a couple of days but I think one is now rolling around the back of the car and another squashed under the sofa. What can you do :)

That's par for the course when making stuff for kids. My kids have destroyed some pretty awesome stuff I've made.... I almost cry when I see what they do with the stuff I make them!

But I like my kids and like to make, so you are absolutely right... what can you do :)

These little tennis ball animals are awesome. Simple and cute.

Andre Lubbock (author)  seamster20 days ago

Thanks. I had a look at your work too. I particularly liked the christmas tree table and giant frisbee. Very talented. Cheers

funny mortals8 months ago
I have made over thirty of these. Amd it was amazing
Andre Lubbock (author)  funny mortals20 days ago

Thank you, I'm very glad you liked them.

Please post some pics I'd love to see them.

I think I'll do a frog next