Tennis Ball Prank





Introduction: Tennis Ball Prank

This is a prank involving water. Only do this prank outside to a friend who will think it is funny, not one who is easily annoyed, because this will annoy an easily annoyed friend.

Step 1: You Will Need:

You will need:

1. A Tennis Ball

2. A SHARP Knife

Step 2: Cut the Tennis Ball

First of all, cut the tennis ball carefully with the knife into two halves.

Step 3: Bring the Tennis Ball Over to a Sink

Next, bring the two halves of the tennis ball over to a sink.

Step 4: Fill One Half With Water

Now fill one half of the tennis ball with water.

Step 5: Place Other Half on Half Full of Water

Next, place the other half on the half that is full of water.

Step 6: Squeeze Both Halves Together Tightly

Now squeeze both halves together tightly.

Step 7: Cock Your Arm Back And... Fire!

Finally, cock your arm back, aim at your friend, tell him/her to catch, and fling your arm forward while releasing the ball in a nice lob that is easy to catch. Your friend will soon turn into a wet, angry monster, so have a camera ready to snap some pictures and to post the on Facebook. ;)



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You know reading this it occurred to me that a half cut tennis ball could have a water balloons stashed in it. Serve it gently enough to an opponent and when they hit it back pray it's hard enough to pop it.

That's a great idea!