I created this lantern while wandering around in the dark with an LED touch light and a can of tennis balls (which I'm known to juggle with on occasion).  It generates a nice radiant light when sitting on a table, and can be turned on and off by shaking it so the tennis ball taps the face of the light.

Step 1: Everything You Need to Build a Tennis Can Lantern

To build this lantern you won't need to use any tools beyond some electrical tape.

Items Required:
1 empty plastic tennis ball container
1 tennis ball (or similarly sized ball)
1 LED touch light approximately 6.8 to 7 cm in diameter.  These usually cost about $4 for a pack of three.
1 length of electrical tape (if necessary)

This works very well.
or remove the fuzz off the tennis ball and spray it w/ chrome spray paint
That's convenient!&nbsp; This would work well during emergencies.&nbsp; If you know where it is at all times, then you could easily find it because of the size, and wouldn't have to fumble around with buttons, etc.<br /> <br /> I know from experience.&nbsp; Finding a flashlight when we had a fire outside was impossible.&nbsp; It took me at least two or three minutes (too long), to find a flashlight, considering the lights were out.&nbsp; Everything turned out okay, but it was a little frightening.&nbsp; If this were there, it would have made everything better!<br />
Doctor, you should have simply lifted the shade and used the ambient light generated by the fire, my good man... Shades of Consumerisim!!! Wouldst thou prefer that a Union-Backed, High-Pension-Having, Working-4-the-Man, City-Worker heft a torch to help 'Ye to escape the fire? <br /> <br /> Surely thou jesteth me... All due respect notwithstanding...<br />
But sir!&nbsp; I was in the basement!&nbsp; And the fire was ground level!&nbsp; And the windows that you speak of, do not exist in a basement!<br />
Touche' good Doctor!<br />
BTW, here is the forum topic for it:<br /> <br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/On-Friday-I-Woke-Up-To-A-Fire/" rel="nofollow">Click Here!</a><br />
&nbsp;good idea..interesant<br /> <br />
That is a great Idea.I like that.<br />
Would wax paper lining the tube diffuse the lighting nicely?<br />
Очень нужная штука &nbsp;в жизне пригодится.<br /> <br /> А почему на Русском &nbsp; ничего&nbsp; нету???
Hahaa thats so nice im gonna try it I have one of these lights&nbsp;!! <br />
Great idea using the tennis ball as a 'switch.'&nbsp;
That's awesome, and a terrific idea.&nbsp; When I saw the video the first thing I thought was wow! That would be an awesome magic trick to see lights mysteriously come from your hands, or something like that.&nbsp; The idea of tapping the light with something other than the hand has limitless possibilities, and this instructable is a great idea.
That's such a smart idea!&nbsp;
charming! very cool effect for something so simple. you could maybe also use one of those balls that lights up when you bounce it for a really trippy effect :)<br />
Clever.<br />

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