when you go to pretty much any electronics store, all of the ipod docks are expensive and usually are pretty simple. with the tennis ball dock, it will only cost you a few pennies and you will have a one of a kind iPod dock (my pictures were made in paint because my digital camera is broken, but as soon as i fix it i will add pictures)


tennis ball
screws, or nails, or pieces of wood, whatever you want to use
iPod (duh)

this is my first instrucable, so please comment and send pictures

Step 1: Carving the Tennis Ball

This is pretty easy, basically just carve a rectangle about the size of the bottom of you ipod into the tennis ball. I used a knife and scissors but you could prbably use anything sharp. remeber this is where you will stick your ipod so make sure the hole for your ipod is not to big or to small

Step 2: Adding the Supports

for this part you will need the four screws. using a pencil or pen, mark the spots where you will put the screws, make sure that it will keep the dock from tipping when you put the iPod in it. once you have the spots marked, put the screws in the holes. You might need to use a knife to put the four holes in the ball.

Step 3: Adding the Hole for the Charger Cord

this is the very last step, and it's probably the easiest. Just cut a small slit in the back for the charger cord, or for a speaker cord. Using the knife, cut the slit and make sure the cord will be able to fit through. Once you have done this, you will be done with your ipod dock.
is it alright if i put an instructable with half a tennis ball i got pictures and everthing and i will give you credit
well, see I was actually about to update this with pictures and that design, because I was emailed by the editor of pop sci a couple months ago and he put this in the may issue, with the bottom cut off. so I guess the answer is no, sorry, but thanks for asking
alright i respect that and thanks anyway but i might as well post a picture of mine and i slanted the cord because for some reason the new Nano looks cool slanted
nice, that look cool
Suggestion 2 : Cutting the ball in half and using a half ball instead. Here there is no need for the supports and all cabling would come though the bottom
you know i remeber this and i made one tonight but with half a tennis ball i got one more tennis ball because i just went to the dollar store and picked up a 3 pack dog pack
i like your idea but instead of half mybe just a quarter so you dont ruin the whole ball
your idea is better
for functionality maybe stevens idea is better. i give you points for that. but personally, i think it looks a lot cooler with the whole tennis ball. good instructable. +1!
good idea, but what i might suggest is to either add some rubber or something to the bottom of the screws so it doesnt scratch up your desk, or what im thinking of doing is just chopping off the bottom of the tennis ball altogether so it just sits flat on the desk by itself
congratulations on this making it into Mays popular science issue
woot I saw that too!
haha yeah, i was excited when I got that, especially since this isn't exactly a quality instructable
heres mine,
that looks exactly like mine, perfect
hey really cool btu mine looks like the crud maybe i shuld just quit doin stuff
Great first Instructable!! Very simple idea, yet I would have never even thought of it. Question: if I were to make this for a Video, would it tip the dock over? Again, congrats!!
nice idea, bad pics. i might do this because i play tennis
i have a camera, its just broken, so thats why they arent good pictures. As soon as i fix it, or borrow a friends camer, i'll add the realy pictures. if you make it and send in the pictures, il post it.
Suggestion: maybe instead of putting a slit in the side for the charger, put the slit in the bottom so then you can put the charger and the speaker cable into the tennis ball, so all you have to do it slide the nano in to hook it up.
Get a camera
Nice idea, and good Instructable, but I recommend using real pictures. Even if it's just one of your finished product.
its my first instructable, so give me feedback, and send in pictures. I made mine for a nano, so im not sure if it will work for a video, but it probably should.

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