Picture of Tennis ball poi
So poi.

Really simple to build your own.

They're a lot of fun and really cheap to make.
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Step 1: String and ball

Picture of String and ball
Start with finding a good piece of string. I found mine in the basement, it's a synthetic string that might have been for clothing line or something. Just make sure it doesn't break.

For the weight I use a tennis ball. Just the right weight, cheap and easy to find. I wiggled a screwdriver through to make the holes. Make sure the holes are opposite or it will wobble. I used thin metal wire to get the string through the ball. A metal washer or two makes sure that the knot doesn't eat through the holes.

Step 2: A little bonus feature

Picture of A little bonus feature
To be able to change the length of the string I used one of these wire thingies (don't know what they are called). Shouldn't be more than a dollar or two at the hardware store.

Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle
To make the handle I got who key straps from a telemarketing guy handing them out in the park. I cut it and folded it around the metal link and sowed in the ends with a sewing machine. I had some problems making it stay in position in the machine, but I nailed it to a piece of paper and sowed right through. When done just tear the paper of. I used a synthetic thread and ran across a bunch of times with a zigzag stitch.

Step 4: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
There you have it!

You could attach strips of light fabric to the ball to make a tail if you fancy that.

I first wrote this on my own home page, here.

That's all for now! Get more of my ideas at my "craft, DIY and other ideas" blog!
spectacular4 years ago
Are you from nz?
Hey, these are really well thought out! Good job! I just plonked some spare juggling balls in the ends of some fluro-orange stockings, works a treat! You can adjust the length of them by wrapping them round your hands a bit more... These are a much more credible attempt though :-P
After you master Poi, you should light it on fire, it would be pretty fun :)
johanronstrom (author)  The Porsche Fan6 years ago
Sure! Fire poi are great!

Not too good with strings and tennis balls at that point though ;-)
What does it do?
johanronstrom (author)  mrtentaclenun6 years ago
They are for spinning! It's a juggling technique. Try it, it's lots of fun! Not very hard to get started.
wow neato!
johanronstrom (author)  johanronstrom6 years ago
Also: has lessons and how-tos