For those who don't want to ruin a good book for a safe...


2 Tennis balls

1 Box cutter or small swiss army knife

Okay let's get started!

Step 1: First (and Last) Incision

Start by making a 1.5 inch (about 4cm) cut along a green felt side of your choosing. Be very careful not to cut yourself! Set aside.

Step 2: Picking the Fuzz

Next, grab the second ball and start pulling some of the fuzz off with your fingers. Get at least small handful of it. Set aside the second ball.

Step 3: Roll the Fuzz

Place the fuzz between your palms and roll into one big string of fuzz.

Step 4: Insert the Fuzz

Now take the first ball and squeeze the sides to open up the "mouth" of the ball. Close and adjust so that the incision blends in with the rest of the ball.

Step 5: Done!

Now you can insert valuables and have them disguised as a lovely green sphere of felt! (My next Instructable may feature a wall display for these tennis ball safes--a most unlikely hiding place for your treasures!)

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<p>ton get the fiz off the secand one so the whole cant be seen unless u look for it </p>
Why do we need two balls (tennis balls)
<p>very clever :)</p>
I think that this is too hard!!! Nah joking this is really good and cleaver
<p>Warning! The ball doesn't work after cutting into it! (the incision messes up the bounce!)</p>
<p>very cool i like it </p>
Wicked clever! Thanks for sharing.
Make sure to let the wife know, cause when your boxer starts vomiting up the thousand or so dollars you had in there, it's quite upsetting...
<p>You can also use it if you lock the keys in your car. Will open some door locks.</p>
<p>I've seen this trick done with tennis balls and then they are filled with the tips of strike-on-anything matches. It's kind of like a Mario fireball. Not highly recommended, but came to mind when looking at your project. Cool idea!</p>
I suppose you could non-chalantly store them in a tennis ball canister with a couple of cheap raquets in a storage box under the stairs. (In the conservatory with a candestick...)
<p>Nice one!</p>
That's not that cool
Looks really easy and cool
<p>This is such a great idea. So simple and effective!</p>

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