A quick mod for a tennis ball. Can be used for a variety of purposes including: squirtgun, water bottle, ammunition, and more!

Step 1: Materials

Tennis ball (duh)
Exacto knife, or any other sharp object

Step 2: Stab It!

stab your tennis ball (just once) with the sharp object. I found it was much easier to stab on the rubber lines, instead of messing about with all the fluff.

Step 3: Fill 'er Up

When you squeeze the tennis ball on either side of the crack, a hole will appear. hold this under a faucet and squeeze it a couple times to suck in water.

Step 4: Squirt

To make the tennis ball squirt, squeeze it! the water will come out in a jet about 10 feet long ( if you squeeze it hard enough). the picture doesn't do the gun justice.

Other Ideas:

1) emergency water bottle
2) pranks >:)
3) flamethrower? (NOT A GOOD IDEA, I don't suggest you fill it up with kerosene)
4) weighted ammunition for something (ex. The Easysling)
Fill (inject?) them with runny paint and there ya go. Modern art!
back up paint ball weapon
don't use kero for flame thrower its way to flammable use mineral trerps or metholated spirits.=) grate Instructable<br/>
Methylated spirits has a was lower flashpoint that kerosene, which is what I assume you mean. Kerosene has to be "vapourised" before it will burn readily, like dropping a match into a tank of gas.
won't dropping a match into a tank of gasoline just put out the match?
yer that what I meant but I was way tired when I write it lol =)<br/>
my sister all ways takes our dog to the dog park and each time i get 5 + free tennis balls
just fill a water gun with burning stuff
add lighter fluid!!!!!! muahahahahaaha!!! tennis ball squirting lighter fluid + flame = flamethrower ( possibly a famethrower if you burn down your house and cbs/nbc/cia/fox news truck passes by... maybe not the cia... they'd nuke you...<br/>
Its called Guantanamo bay.
Nice instructable, it is kind of hard to push though. Will it get like broken in after a couple uses?
Nice! Something creative that you wouldn't think of!
hehehe.... Totally gonna give this to my dog.... hehehe. Jk i wouldn't do that to my dog :-) cool instructable.
haha simple and funny
i like the concept of such a simple everyday device becoming a new exciting toy! well done
But Seriously, Could you imagine? Toss one of these onto someone elses tennis match for an exciting surprise!
If you wanted it to spray on contact, I suggest you make the hole bigger...with the small hole, it self seals itself.
Wow... Fascinating... (Insert Awkward Silence Here)O.o

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