Tennis Ball Usb Mod





Introduction: Tennis Ball Usb Mod

OK, so i was bored last night and decided to do some hunting for something for a usb mod for one of my naked drives....and i came up with this:



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    I hate Ubuntu/Kubuntu with a passion ever since they came out with 9.10!

    hrm, idk. its not too bad. anything is better than vista >.< 

    Mint Linux is the best the took ubuntu and made it better

    I've since stopped using KDE, I prefer the Gnome GUI better. That and the addition of Compiz, it makes for a nice desktop with enough eye candy and improvements to make it far more usable than KDE.. Just my opinion though.

    OK, this may sound pretty silly...but exactly how did you do this? Did you just cut a hole in the tennis ball and glue in a usb flash drive? This is REALLY cool and my twin boys, who are SO into tennis, would get a kick out of this. They are off to college and I thought it would be a cute thing to pack for them to find when they get there.

    pretty much...i took a pocket knife and stabbed the ball (BE CAREFUL!...this can be tricky) then carefully slid the usb stick into the hole..dont make the cut any thicker than need be but make sure you have enough with...i took the case of but you might not have to ...that is a pretty cool idea....the only suggestion i have would to take a usb cord (male to female) and stick that onto the usb drive and push it the whole way in so that only the cord sticks out...

    It is great until you bend the drive accidentally and break it

    yeahh..i learned that the hard way, and so i know put in another flash drive (2gigs)

    What was the old one? I only have 2 gigs at the highest!

    uhh...i don't remember i think it was a gig...(i just recently got a toshiba gig)